Paint and (Tablet) Pen

I meant to blog earlier this week, but I’ve just been so preoccupied… And now that I have a moment to breathe, I just feel so tired.

Lately I’ve been painting these little wooden blocks that Mum bought from Daiso. Surprisingly, simple Buncho and Pentel paints seem to work quite well on them, though lighter colours like white and yellow need more coats than blue, red or green. Now I just need to buy some shellac.

Yes, they’re Christmas-sy. I just felt like painting Christmas stuff. In August. So? :P

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Merry Christmas, Everyone!

All cynicism about Christmas being commercialised and not really being Christ’s birthday and whatever else aside… I still think Christmastime one of the nicest times of the year and I wish I could be home with friends to celebrate it. :(

Anyway, have a great Christmas~! And let’s not forget the real meaning of it :)
Sometimes I think we let our cynicism clog our minds and it takes away the joy…

Random aside: The Lion King musical rocks. Not perfect – I have a few quibbles with some of the new songs and some of the rearrangements. But that’s very minor when the costume design and the set design and how the actors use the masks/puppets just blows you away… I’ll write a more detailed review someday.


Four Days More!

Sometimes I really don’t get why people like to argue over how certain songs or how things like Christmas trees are “secular” and shouldn’t be used. I, for one, love all the little things we tend to associate with Christmas (except Santa Claus – the concept amuses me, but that’s about it). From an aesthetic point of view, they’re nice to see and interesting to work with. And anyway, it’s definitely better to hear the jazzy, brassy instrumentals of Christmas music in shopping malls as opposed to… Some of the other stuff one gets at other times of the year. Heh.

Cuddly Birdie

I was going to write a nice, “normal” blog post about my life at the moment, but then I lost the mood for it. :P So here’s another Christmas picture.

A fat, cuddly robin is one of those images I practically always associate with Christmas. Like angels, stables, stars, snowmen, bells…

Random points about my life:

  • Finished most of my Christmas shopping with Anna after work today. *relief* Now I just have to think about making Christmas cards.
  • Yay! Fran’s home! And Vin might be coming back too…? :D
  • I hope Mari and Risa come back from their little holiday to Singapore and Bangkok before Christmas. Would be nice to have them around (aaaand I’ll have someone to talk to about J-dramas =P )
  • The last time I dropped by Tower Records in Gurney, I found it very peculiar that there were albums/singles of V6 and Tackey & Tsubasa, but no Arashi. Strange.
  • Office feels like an ice box, thanks to the newly-repaired-so-now-must-test-at-full-blast air conditioning system. I need gloves to stop my fingers from freezing…

Do They?

Or maybe it’s like Halloweentown and Christmastown in Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, where they spend 364 days preparing for the day. :D

(Yes, I know it’s still kinda early for Christmas, but I don’t care. Hahahahaha)

¡Feliz Navidad!

I know, I know… Christmas is over. I’m two days late. Never mind. :P

Anyway, I had a great Christmas. Glad I went home, or I’d have missed seeing friends and enjoying the barbecue at my home. Heheh

My conscience said I shouldn’t go back to Penang, but the rest of me overruled it, so I went home – despite the gloomy cloud of final crit on the 26th. Sailed home on a ship of the sky on Saturday night. And dragged work back with me too. (You think my conscience would let me go back without taking something back to do?)

Had lunch after church with Anna, Laine, Fran, Josh aaaand… Erica! After hearing/reading so much about the latter, I finally met her! Ahah! Here’s a shoutout to her: HI ERICA! :D

We ate at Little Cottage. Hm. Food’s not bad, I guess. The choices were kinda limited because they only had their special Christmas menu. Still, it was okay.

[ Random aside: I had a reeeallly good hair day. The curls/waves decided to behave wonderfully that day. *grin* Hahahaha… ]

It was fun catching up and talking – with the occasional silly video recording. One of my favourite parts:-

Josh: Don’t say anything that could be incriminating, ’cause she uses them for videos.
Erica: Oh, she makes videos!
Josh: And postis – postis… Oh no!! Did you get that?… Oh crap.

ROFL. (He meant “posts it”.)
Should I upload that video, Josh? Nyahahah.

I couldn’t resist putting faint snowflakes all round. :P Indulge me. hahah