Mini Post

I have come to the realisation that 90% of the time, I do not really enjoy designing logos. I don’t think my gifts bend that way. Then again, sometimes I don’t really know which way my talents lie. I enjoy drawing much more, but I actually think that I’m a naturally stronger writer (of fiction).

Hmm. My true talent is probably retention of completely pointless trivia. And high, high tolerance for repeated instances of things that I like – food, music, etc. (How else does one explain why my three favourite songs on my computer have playcounts of over 120?)

This short post is brought to you by: Project for a Completely Unnecessary Logo that I am Compelled to Do.



We were given a “workbook” at Day 1 of this training thing. This was on one of the first pages:

When I was back in my cubicle during the lunch break (doing anything but eating lunch because I had many things to attend to that I could not attend to because of the training) I showed it to one of my colleagues and she burst out laughing and said, “That is so ironic!”

It really makes you wonder at the logic of it. Even the trainer admits that 80% of people who take such training sessions are doing it because they have to – for KPI or compelled to by their superiors or whatever. So, clearly, programmes like this exist to do anything but make people happy?

Two more days of this. :( And the sessions contain nearly everything I detest – dull topics, childish games and activities, “performances” (group dances and roleplay skitsI really loathe acting). The trainer is lively and she’s trying her best but… Well, I have had Math teachers in school that I liked but it didn’t make me like the lessons or the topics any better. (Conversely, I have had boring English teachers but English was always my favourite subject simply because it was the easiest and it didn’t matter to me who taught it. haha)

I really need a good weekend after this.

Not Really Useful, Is It?

Sometimes, I look at the stuff I’m supposed to teach and I can’t help thinking:

Really? I’m wasting my time – and the students’ time – on this topic? It’s repetitive/ultimately not very useful.

I honestly do dislike how the education system has become such that institutions feel they must concoct more and more courses and in the end the subjects repeat each other and include theories that are really redundant and/or no use at all in actual practice. Why do the students need to learn FOUR different “creative process models” that, in the end, are almost exactly the same thing but worded differently?? You learn the creative process by doing. Not by reading notes on what the creative process is supposed to be…

And obviously the body that handles quality-checking of tertiary institutes doesn’t exactly pay much attention to the details otherwise all the redundancies (and outdated material) should have been avoided. 8-|


What I Dislike About Facebook

Or perhaps I should say, “What I find irritating about Malaysian Facebook trends.”


1. “So-and-so was tagged in Some Tiresome Online Store’s album.”

This is so incredibly irritating that… that… I have no words for it. Every day I have to see at least 3 of these from different people on my News Feed. Every. Single. Day. Shoes, dresses, gadget accesories, baby clothes… I’m so sick of it that the minute I see anything that even resembles that sort of post, I hide the post straightaway without thinking further. I’ve blocked several people off my News Feed purely on the grounds that they have so many of these sort of posts that it’s practically indirect spam. I’m tempted to block a few more now for the same reason.

It’s not really their fault, perhaps, since Fb’s system automatically up any photo that your friends are tagged in. In some cases, it’s interesting – like event photos and such. But in cases like these… asf@#dafjkl23$@dfd%^kjl. It is so aggravating. And there’s just no way to label these as “spam” or to block only these sort of posts short of blocking all photos or that friend. argh.


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F is for Frustrated.

(Oh, what a perfect letter for the occasion.)

This week is not going well. I’m feeling really tired and keep wanting to drop off to sleep but I can’t because I have things to do and I really don’t want to prolong this. I haven’t been sleeping well the past few nights either, which just increases the exhaustion.

The new term has started so my workload has just quadrupled. And though I’m teaching more 16 hours a week, I can’t claim OT because it’s not yet 20 hours. (8am classes three days a week, and each of those is followed almost immediately by another class which means I can’t really rest until after 12 or 2. Not fun. I dislike 8am classes heartily – so do the students – but I can’t do anything about that.)

Some of the students look to be unruly and/or apathetic. Not good.

Timetable had to be altered because for some reason the English department made some changes in their timetable and so we have to accommodate them. (What, said one of my colleagues, is the point of giving the students English classes every term when there is no visible improvement at all in their standard of English? True. All it seems to do is prevent us from scheduling afternoon classes and provide the students with excuses to request extensions on assignment deadlines.)

The weather has turned to “burning hot” again. I wonder if that’s partly contributing to the exhaustion.

There was a lizard in my room last night, which gave me a bit of a horrid shock when I noticed on the wall, less than 3 feet away from my face. Then it ran off and hid somewhere before I could suffocate it with insect spray so I was on edge the whole night. And then I nearly stepped on it when leaving my room in the morning. Another bad fright.

Also, I haven’t the faintest idea how to fill in the stupid income tax forms.

Frus. Very much so.



Sejarah a Must-Pass?

Well, at least one thing in today’s news made me laugh.

As if making Sejarah a must-pass subject in SPM will make people any more patriotic. It’s not like those of us who scored an A in the subject felt any more patriotic than before. Getting a pass or good grades in something doesn’t at all mean that you like it or appreciate it. Doing well in BM didn’t make me – or my friends – love the language more. (If anything, it just convinced us that BM literature was dull as doorknob. Hm, actually even doorknobs are more interesting…) I got decent grades in Math and I still rather detest it. I used to be able to pass the exams for those extra Mandarin lessons I had to take for 4-5 years and still I’m essentially considered a “banana” and any inclination to learn it continues to decrease year after year. (I suspect this is due partly to the irritation of countless people telling me that I should learn it because I am ethnic Chinese. I get the feeling that I could speak 10 languages fluently, have a PhD and win a Nobel prize but if I can’t speak Mandarin or a Chinese dialect, people would think me or my education somehow inadequate and pity me.) If they must make something a compulsory pass in addition to BM, then why not English?

All nonsense.


Emotion Chip

Sometimes I really just want to be like Data of Star Trek: The Next Generation and be able to turn off my “emotion chip” at will.

Then I wouldn’t feel anything – no blues, no melancholy, no loneliness, no left-out-ness, no irrational jealousy, no bitterness…. Bleh.

God, could You turn my emotion chip off, please?

This cannot, that cannot…

It’s really so silly that they’re actually listing words that us non-Muslims are not allowed to use outside of an Islamic context. As Mum said, first they want us to learn BM because it’s the national language and all, and yet they’re telling us that there are words you “can’t use.”

Ok loh.

… Let’s all just speak English!