Congratulations! And a Bit of Couture.


I do regret that I can’t be at the big occasion this weekend, but congratulations all the same! :)


Was talking about all the recent weddings and stuff with Lianne just now and remembered the Armani Privé Haute Couture collection (because I thought some of the gowns would make splendid wedding gowns). When I saw pics of it earlier this year, I was just blown away. I usually don’t like haute couture because they get so outlandish. But this one was just beautiful. Clean, crisp, tailored and it had a wonderful theme of the moon and stars. How could I not like it? hehe.

(I can imagine some people chuckling right now because of my distinct preoccupation with stars…)

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Dear Li Lian & Niger,

I think you both probably won’t read this before the wedding (I think it should be just about 8 or 9AM on the big day for you now! ), but I’m going to go ahead and make this post anyway. Perhaps you’ll see it sometime. :)

Y’know… I’ve been waiting for this day for years but when it finally comes where am I? A thirteen-hour flight away!! Agh, I want to be there so badly. After all, you two were a big part of my MMU life, especially in Alpha year and you introduced me to some people who’d later become some of my closest friends in uni. I really almost can’t believe I’m actually missing this! >_<

May you lead a blessed, blessed life together, growing ever closer to God and to each other. And I hope your big day truly is one of the happiest days of your lives! :D


Dear you,

I wish that I could be there or that you were here so I could just hug you because I think sometimes words can’t beat a friend’s hug.

But since that’s obviously not possible, I’ll give my dolphin a cuddle for you.

Will be keeping you in prayer.

The Belated Mothers’ Day Post.

(This really should have been up on Sunday, but my computer was dedicated to crazy rendering all week in order to finish for yesterday’s final presentation.)

Dear Mum,

Thanks for…

  • baking such greeeaaat cakes and cooking delicious curry. =D
  • keeping your storybooks so well that they survived long enough for me to read them.
  • thinking that my kid drawings are so great (even though I still think they’re kinda weird – good for a seven/eight-year-old maybe, but if I tried that now…).
  • not giving me funny looks when I sit down and watch the NHK channel whenever I’m home. (haha)
  • trusting that I’d know how to study without needing to be forbidden from going out (then again, you probably figured I’d ban myself from outings and stuff when it got near enough to SPM so you didn’t need to do it).
  • insisting that I learn the proper badminton backhand stroke.
  • learning how to use YM so I’m not forced to use MSN Messenger to chat with you all the time. :P
  • starting me on Gerald Durrell, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Roald Dahl, Agatha Christie and… and… I’ve forgotten which other authors you introduced me to.
  • being you. :D