A Year Ago Today… Thesis Submission

I remember this frightfully clearly for some reason or other…

I’d actually finished the thing about a week or so earlier and then promptly went on a “enjoy-myself-now-now-NOW” spree with festival stuff because I was leaving on September 3. But went with a few friends to submit our dissertations together and then hung out for a while. Then, suddenly feeling oddly lonely, I decided to call the two birthday girls, Lydia and Eileen, back home and had two good conversations. Was due to go and see a “Rat Pack” themed show that evening but didn’t manage to go because I was helping a flatmate who was having issues with Microsoft Word. Quite a day.

Hmm. I have a feeling I’m going to be in a very reflective mood towards the end of August and beginning of September. haha


N is for Nostalgia

I had a vague feeling this morning that last year, on this date I did something interesting or something fun. “16 April” just sounded way familiar… It was probably something in the Science Festival, I knew, but I wasn’t sure which of the many events it was.

So just now I opened up my folder of photos to have a look. And sure enough, there’s a sub-folder labelled “2010.04.16”, and it was the day I went for the National Museum’s Collections Tour. (Ooh, another ‘N’ – National Museum. hahah)

A year ago today charming dandelions were blooming along the sidewalks somewhere near the Water of Leith. I wonder if they’re there again this year. :)


Six Songs of 2010

The songs (or music) which will always – or at least for a very long time – remind me of 2010.


1.Yo Soy Tu Amigo Fiel (Danna Paola and Alek Synteks)

I’ve mentioned this song before when I was all hyped up about Toy Story 3. Considering how many times I’ve listened to it (over 200 times on Media Player and dunno how many times on the iPod), it’s rightfully the song of 2010 for me. Amazingly, I’m not sick of it yet. I liked it then and I like it just as much now.

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The Year of Sherlock Holmes

A year ago today I watched Sherlock Holmes at the Omni Vue in Edinburgh. And it kicked off a year of Sherlock-ian stuff. Well, okay, it’s not like I went to 50 Sherlock Holmes-related events or something, but I did go to three (which is a lot since that sort of thing doesn’t really come my way often) and besides, I attended the same university as the creator of Sherlock Holmes. ha.

(Incidentally, for the past week or two, I’ve been re-reading all the Sherlock Holmes short stories. I think I’m about 3/4 through.)

The Sherlock Holmes movie was quite fun. (I rambled about it here.) It was definitely a whole lot better than Avatar, which I saw the day after.

Then there was the Sherlock Meets His Violin concert at Usher Hall in May.

I think the violin was made from the wood of a tree that Conan Doyle planted… or grew in his backyard or something. Shucks, I don’t remember anymore. (Day, help me out here…) But I do recall that it was nice hearing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in full and in person. Front row seats too. haha

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14 Snapshots

Well, I’ve been here in Europe about 14 days, so I decided to be nice and put up 14 snaps from my phone camera. It’s not one for every day though – some days I really couldn’t be bothered to remove my gloves just to take photos with the phone, fun though it is to play with the photography apps. A lot of these was actually mostly me fiddling with the various apps. Quite fun :D
(I’ve got more pics from my ‘proper’ camera, but those will come after I get back on the 8th as I’ll have to look at them again and edit them properly before posting them.)

The Hub; pic taken as I strolled back down the Royal Mile after leaving my parents at their tour bus to St Andrew’s.

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe #4

I think this particular day (August 16th! haha) was one of the more entertaining Fringe days for me. Somehow my timing was just right and I managed to catch quite a few street shows, including the one that’s my favourite of all the street performances – a Japanese group called To R Mansion. Trust the Japanese to come up with odd names. lol

They called their show “The Cinema Race”, and it was pretty entertaining. It was basically spoofs/reenactments of movie scenes. I thought my classmates should have been there to watch it becauase I’m sure they’d have enjoyed it even more since they’d probably recognise more of the scenes than I did.

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