Raiders of the Lost Ark: a commentary

“Indiana Jones. I always knew someday you’d walk through my door. I never doubted that. Something made inevitable.”

The following commentary is the result of one of those rare random ideas that actually gets put into practice and becomes something more than a mere idea or joke. My good friend Journey and I decided that doing a sort of combined review of a film would be fun and Raiders of the Lost Ark was picked to be the lab rat. The end product here is not so much a combined review as it is a combined commentary on the interesting points of the movie, since we kind of went off in our own directions – predictably, each went the way of personally favoured fields (e.g. I to the visuals and he to the music) – and anyway, Raiders has probably been reviewed to death by now. So let’s get down to business… and we hope it’s an enjoyable read for everyone else! It was fun to write anyway. haha (If you need a synopsis of the movie, just check out the Wiki page.)


Indiana Jones. Treasure hunter, adventurer and part-time archaeologist. (Or maybe it should be the other way around…) The character was the brainchild of George Lucas and the movies surrounding Indiana Jones were the result of director Steven Spielberg’s magic touch. Raiders of the Lost Ark was the first of these movies. It was released in 1979 and became an instant hit, with Indiana Jones as the archaeologist’s equivalent of James Bond but with less hi-tech gadgetry and dashing suits. The combination of a clever script, great cast performances, well-defined aesthetic and delightful music make this a timeless film that’s worth talking about.


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MPO Tribute to John Williams

So… what did they play?

First half: Superman (March), Jurassic Park, Memoirs of a Geisha (Sayuri’s Theme), Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Suite), Yes, Giorgio (“If We Were in Love”), Star Wars (Main Theme)

Second half: Raiders of the Lost Ark (Raiders March), The Terminal (Viktor’s Tale), Harry Potter (Harry’s Wondrous World), Hook (The Face of Pan, and Flight to Neverland), Jaws, E.T. (Adventures on Earth)

Encore: 1941 (march)

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Six Songs of 2010

The songs (or music) which will always – or at least for a very long time – remind me of 2010.


1.Yo Soy Tu Amigo Fiel (Danna Paola and Alek Synteks)

I’ve mentioned this song before when I was all hyped up about Toy Story 3. Considering how many times I’ve listened to it (over 200 times on Media Player and dunno how many times on the iPod), it’s rightfully the song of 2010 for me. Amazingly, I’m not sick of it yet. I liked it then and I like it just as much now.

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In Defense of the Disney Princess

I grew up with Disney films, and thus also with Disney Princesses. So it makes me kinda sad to hear that Disney is – at least for the moment – dropping fairy tale films. And since a good many of the most popular fairy tales revolve around princesses in one way or another, that’s basically the same thing as dropping princess stories; a point also observed in this article at GeekMom.

I know, I know. The Disney Princess is a stereotype, makes little girls think there is nothing more to life than finding a prince charming of their own, goes against the things feminism usually stands for, etc. I feel like I’ve heard all the complaints about the Disney Princess that exist. I’m sure all the people who rant about the problems with the Disney Princesses are delighted that Disney has apparently decided to move from fairy tales to more boy-oriented stories. (Wait, girls can watch boy movies but boys can’t watch girl movies?) But I still like Disney Princesses. They’re not all that bad.

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EIFF Round-Up

The Film Festival is over – officially closed on Saturday night, but Sunday was “Best of the Fest” day with mostly repeat screenings of super-popular films (with a couple of other films that screened that morning).

So let’s go through all the films I saw and events that I attended in brief, shall we? And I’ll rate the films on a scale of 1-5, 5 being “I absolutely loved it; you should see it too!” and 1 being “…What was I thinking?”


Opening Gala: The Illusionist (2010 / UK, France)
The red carpet prior to The Illusionist I already blogged about in two parts. But I didn’t say anything much about the film itself. In short: I quite liked it. Definitely liked it better than director Sylvain Chomet’s previous feature, the award-winning Triplets of Belleville. (That one was interesting too, but I prefer The Illusionist.)

The Illusionist is about a washed-up old magician and a young girl who believes that his magic is real. (I’m particularly partial to the fat white rabbit the magician has – it’s an unsually snappy rabbit though; kind of behaves more like a grumpy cat at times, snapping at people and such. hahaha) The story begins in Paris and then shifts to Edinburgh, and the 2D rendering of Edinburgh in the 1950s is beautiful. Anyone who’s been in Edinburgh for longer than a day or two would probably recognise certain landmarks and places easily – Arthur’s Seat and the Salisbury Crags are very easily spotted, as is Princes Street.

The animation in it is quite delightful; I think I’ll always have a little soft spot for 2D animation. It’s fairly obvious to anyone familiar with animation that the vehicles and some other things (like a sweeping bird’s-eye view of Edinburgh near the end) are 3D-rendered-to-look-like-2D though. They don’t detract from the story or anything, but nitpickers like me are fond of noting random things like that. haha

My rating: 5/5


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EIFF Opening Gala – in brief

(If I could add a sub-header to this, I’d put “Star-gazing” or something like that there.)

“In brief” first because I’m not in the mood to edit and comment on more than 4 or 5 photos at the moment. This will probably be the more impressive post though, because…

I saw Captain Picard. I mean, I saw Sir Patrick Stewart!

And he was like, less than a metre away from where I was standing, watching the VIPs arrive and being a paparazzo.

Also also also, I saw Sir Sean Connery!!

We just about flipped out when this guy standing beside us called out to him and basically asked “Sir Sean” if he could have a photo with him. Connery nicely obliged and came over to take a picture (over the dividing railing) with this guy and thus we were tooootally within touching distance of him. I think we were just utterly star-struck, both thinking along the lines of, [We’re] THIS CLOSE to Sean Connery!

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