Europe 2013: Day 7

I realised that I haven’t finished blogging about my European trip last year. Oh well. Almost done though! There’s only Amsterdam left :)

Titling this “Day 7” because although we went to Amsterdam on this day (December 5), in the morning, Mum had to go present a paper at the conference in… some tiny tiny German town not far from Freiburg. I don’t remember where anymore. haha

Didn’t see much of the town except a few quiet roads near the conference venue. That yellow house really stands out…

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We spent five nights in Freiburg, Germany. It’s just a small town so there isn’t much to see there. Ended up mostly doing day trips out to various places – Zurich, Strasbourg, Titisee. And one day we just lazed around in Freiburg because it was too darned cold.

I did the most wandering on the morning of Day 3 in Freiburg, before we headed to Titisee. This view greeted me in the morning:

I’m really proud of this picture because it’s not every day that someone tells me this is one of the nicest photos they’ve ever seen. :)

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Paris, France (1)

The results of a day spent wandering about the touristy spots of Paris alone until evening. Nice to know that I’m capable of finding my way around alone if I want to. But I don’t want to again. Not alone. No way.

View from one of the bridges across the Seine. That’s Eiffel Tower far off in a distance.

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Gent, Belgium

I don’t know if I should spell it as “Gent” or “Ghent.” But since I’ve labelled the pics with “Gent,” I’ll stick with that spelling in this post.

Gent is nice – if you haven’t already become inured to the sight of old European buildings, cathedrals and the like. Unfortunately, I am, somewhat. We were only there two nights, which was good in my opinion, since there wasn’t a great deal to see – especially in the cold, cold winter.

And this is a clock in my room. (I just thought the picture looked nice. *shrugs*)

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