Japan 2016 – Day 5 (Part 1)

23 February 2016


I have nearly zero resistance to spending a day in Disneyland, especially when on my own in Tokyo.

Arrived at Disneyland with time to spare before the “Happiness is Here” parade so I bought myself a snack and settled down to wait.

“I feel like I’ve seen that duck before…”

People-watching at Disneyland is always fun.

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Japan 2016 – Day 4

22 February 2016

… Yes, this is VERY late.

I didn’t do much of photographic interest on the fourth day. It was mostly shopping. I went to the 8-storey Uniqlo at Ginza, looked at a couple of art and stationery stores, and popped by the Mugiwara store at Shibuya. And yes, I bought stuff 8D


^ The iconic Ginza Wako building.

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Japan 2016 – Day 3

21 February 2016

On this day I went to Harajuku, poked my nose around Yoyogi Park, then walked from there all the way to Shibuya, where I wandered into the Disney Store and Uniqlo. Exhausted myself thoroughly because I spent quite a long time in Yoyogi Park and only sat down for maybe 20 minutes over the span of 5 hours.

^ The Rockabilly club was out at Yoyogi Park, as (seems to be) usual for them on weekends.

^ Yoyogi park was full of people doing a variety of outdoorsy things, which apparently includes rehearsing dance steps…

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Japan 2016 – Day 2

Waaaah. Massively delayed blog posts on my Japan trip from the end of February 2016.

Start with Day 2 because I arrived in the evening of Day 1 (after flying in on business class. :D Yay for a lucky bid on my MAS flights this time). It was really cold and I didn’t feel one bit like walking around in the cold night. So I enjoyed my hotel room, Japanese TV channels, and some bento and convenience store snacks.

On Day 2, I met up with my friend, S! First, brunch at a kaiten-zushi (conveyer belt sushi) place in Ginza:

The wifi password was “sushilove”. This amused us.

I learnt that Ginza was a mere 10-minute walk from Tokyo Station. Probably less than 10 minutes if you’re familiar with the route.

Ginza on a cloudy day:

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Japan 2015: Day 8 – Tokyo One Piece Tower

My favourite manga is the epic pirate fantasy, One Piece, and it so happened that the One Piece “theme park” at Tokyo Tower opened on the Friday of my visit. Friend S was keen to check it out too so we hurried there after the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Museum.

Entry tickets come with various One Piece characters printed on them. I didn’t get my favourite character. Darn. But I could have gotten one with characters I dislike so getting one with a character I’m ok with is fine. haha S got a ticket featuring all the characters of the main pirate crew (including the one on my ticket) – that was pretty cool.

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