Bunny was Late

Bunny was late so it jumped on a plate

And slid down the hill to school

Where it burst through the door, fell flat on the floor

And tumbled right into the pool.

Yes, there was a pool in the middle of school.

Why? I really don’t know.

Perhaps for the fish who all made a wish

That to school they could all go.


Jade Bunny Fishing

Sometimes the Jade Bunny likes to sit by the Endless Pool and try to catch glowing star-fish with a yellow moon pearl.

(Posted the inital line drawing of this on Instagram… and called Jade Bunny “Moon Bunny” by mistake. Oh well. Same thing I guess haha)

The Bunny and the Hare’s Apples

Once upon a time, there lived a bunny called Bunny. Bunny often helped out its neighbour, Hare, by picking apples from Hare’s apple tree (Hare had several fruit trees in its garden) and putting them into neat rows in a basket. This worked out quite well for Bunny as Hare would give it an apple for every basket, and Bunny liked eating apples very much.

One day, Hare asked Bunny if it could help pick some of the pears off Hare’s pear tree. Bunny agreed… and then found that Hare expected it to help pick pears every other day during the pear season. This was not really to Bunny’s liking, but Bunny figured it would do Hare a good deed and help it out this time.

Soon Bunny found itself picking cherries as well as apples and pears. And acorns. And weeding flower beds. Hare was paying it two apples for every basket now of fruit now (and nothing for weeding flower beds), but as it took a much longer time to fill a basket with cherries or acorns than with apples or pears, Bunny barely getting more than two baskets done in a day.

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Inktober: #21-32

I finished Inktober! On time!

And then discovered that I’d miscalculated and done 32 instead of 31 drawings. haha

#21: When you draw whilst watching documentaries on art history, you tend to want to draw huge puffy sleeves and so on. Though the high-waisted belt and hair owe more to Japanese than Renaissance fashion. haha

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