Engrish #4

Aaah, no time to write what I want to write when I have assignments to grade. Zzz.

So in the meantime I’m putting this picture here to amuse anyone who still drops by:

Behold, the “Oiliness Name Pen.”

(It should be “oil-based”, not “oiliness.” hahah)

The Impossible Star Wars Family Tree

A conversation on Whatsapp between my youngest sister and me…

Yan: At least I know that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s dad?

Me: But you don’t know who Luke Skywalker is

Yan: He is Hayden Christensen.
Very good-looking chap.

Me: Huh? Luke Skywalker is Hayden Christensen??

Yan: Technically Hayden Christensen is Luke Skywalker.
He’s the actor.

Me: He’s Anakin Skywalker.
Mark Hamill was Luke Skywalker.

Yan: Oh.

Me: This goes on my blog

Yan: I sense this conversation going into your blog.
Omg I knew it

Talk about the impossible connection. Anakin = Vader = Luke’s father, Hayden = Luke, but Hayden = Vader… therefore Hayden is his own father and son? o_O



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These Asian brands have such amusing translations for their product names. The one above was seen at Etude House. I didn’t notice it initially but Ee Laine pointed it out. Good thing she did. :P

Daiso also provides quite a few samples of interesting English product names and such.

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Orthopedia vs Anaesthesia

I was going to write about something… but then I forgot what it was. 8D

So, just for the heck of it, here’s a vid that Steph showed me. I totally cracked up laughing when watching it. It does require some knowledge of medical terms, but well, I enjoyed it hugely even though we had to pause a couple of times for Dr. Steph to explain the terms to me.

I’ll make it easier and explain a few things right off:

  • Orthopedic surgeons are apparently infamous stereotypes (in medical circles) for being very preoccupied with the fracture(s) and less so with the patient who has the fracture.
  • Anaestheticians are known for “obstructing” cases – being overly fussy about various details (they have to though, because you can’t just blindly give the same anaesthetic to everyone).
  • If your body temperature is 29°C, that’s practically hypothermia.
  • pH 6.8 is super acidic = badddd. Practically dead.
  • asystole = a flatline ECG. (heartbeat, nil.)

(I don’t need to explain “femur” and “CPR”, do I?)


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Oh, Computer Jokes, I’ve Missed You

JW: wat time’s flight
Me (Y): 525
JW: long time
driver will pick u [up from the airport]?
Y: yeah
JW: wats ur driver doing in kl
Y: er
JW: and dad in penang
Y: different driver
JW: what?
graphics driver
or sound card
Y: hahahaha (I actually did laugh out loud at this…)
JW: oh i miss talking to MMU girls
they understand these jokes
no matter how lame

And I’ve missed IT-based jokes. ;)


Ouch? lol

So my youngest sister was going through my old prom gowns – and Ming’s – to decide whether any of them suited her better than the one she bought recently. She decided that she liked my very first one (which I can’t wear now without feeling mighty uncomfortable and I cannot remember how on earth I managed it back in 2004 – was I that much thinner then? D: ) and surveyed herself in the mirror for a good long while.

Me: Hmm, it fits you.
Yan: Yeah, because I’m fat.
(About two seconds of silence in which Ming and I stare at her and the implication of her words sinks into her mind.)
Me: …

hahahahahahahah :))


*digs out old sketch of the dress*

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More Chat Excerpts

Perhaps I should have a new category called “Chatlogs” or “World Cup.”

All I did yesterday was catch up with the rest of my Project365 backlog – and thus am now completely up-to-date! (I think I may have overdone it a little with all the rabbits recently… but who cares? I need the cute and cuddly albeit imaginary bunnies that love me and my pencil-sketched characters. :P ) I felt like blogging but didn’t know what to blog about (nothing that wouldn’t constitute a rant or lament of some sort anyway) and didn’t feel like posting photos either because I wasn’t in the mood to comment on every photo I put up. So I went and hauled up a couple of other amusing chatlogs – both World Cup-related, naturally.

16 June
Youngest sister: i support…GERMANY!!!

Yuin: … Ballack isn’t even there


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