Mulan (2020)

Disney’s live-action remake of their 1998 original was not much better than all their other live-action remakes. A little better than or on par with Beauty & the Beast, but not better than Aladdin. (Just realised I haven’t reviewed Aladdin! I should get around to that.) I haven’t seen The Lion King remake but I bet this is way better than that one. So it has some things going for it.

So far, none of them have surpassed their originals.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

I have a rather long list of complaints but first, a disclaimer of sorts: My dissatisfaction with this live-action remake can be attributed in part to my great fondness for their originals. While I attempt to keep some objectivity when watching these, I find that it’s very difficult to not compare them when the originals are vividly stuck in my mind.

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