The Weekend was Good.


Overall, I think I had a great weekend. :)

Managed to meet up with a bunch of people in KL, heard a number of engagement and wedding stories, caught up on gossip (haha) and had a marvellous time in general.

(Edit, 18/10: Whoops, just realised that the embedded video link wasn’t working. It should be now. =) )

On Friday night I had dinner with two of my closest friends from school on Friday night, followed by a late night drink with JW after he was done with CG. Leen and Bonnie were clearly tired after work, but they made time to have dinner with me and I really really appreciated that. Whenever I hang out with schoolmates, I always think that we were so blessed to have had school years that we enjoyed. Even now, some 8 years later, we all still love recounting stuff that happened in school and have such good laughs over it.

When hanging out after dinner with JW at one of those Old Town copycat places, I just thought: oh, it feels great to be able to hang out late at night again in a place that is not a pub. Gotta love that about Malaysia. (By the time I got back it was well past 2 in the morning.) It was fun to be able to indulge in a bit of “fan” talk – e.g. “I was this close to Sean Connery!” “Patrick Stewart is so funny!” I don’t think anyone else has asked – or would ask – me to talk about seeing Sir Patrick Stewart. Only JW and Terry would be interested in hearing me ramble about that particular aspect of my year in Edinburgh. haha

There was also some rather more ‘serious’ talk, of course. The one interesting bit in that was when he remarked that “it must have been hard to be Asian [amongst Westerners, especially in the arts/film line].” Not really, I said. “It’s not hard to be Asian. It’s hard to be Christian.” And it really was. Even with classmates who are nice enough to not ostracise me for being of such a different mind, it was hard.

Saturday morning saw me wake up feeling a bit tired out after my late night – for the past week or so I’d been sleeping between 11-12.30, which is freakishly early for me, so to suddenly go to bed at 3am was quite a change. Had to clean the place a bit first; it was sooo dusty. I think all the dust got to me as well and as the day wore on my sinuses reacted wonderfully by giving me flu-like symptoms that made me really tired by evening, but I pressed on! No way was I going to call off my Saturday appointments with everyone…

In the afternoon I had lunch with Gim & “Datin”, SY & Benny, Jo & Ian, and Chee Yong. After lunch I had a little meeting with Jo and Ian to talk about the art direction for their wedding. More like, Jo and I discussed it. Ian went off half way to line up for Ikea curry puffs. ahahaha (But those curry puffs are amaaazing. Ikea KL > Ikea Edinburgh — yes, just because of those curry puffs.) Some cool stuff came out of our discussion though! :D

At night I threw meself a little party and had Lyd & Dwong, Bea & KE, Square, Wee Liem and Chiam over for dinner. (Wee Liem’s and Chiam’s fiancees were unfortunately not around.) Pizza, Ikea curry puffs – sponsored by Jo & Ian ;D –  and Baskin Robbins ice-cream were on the menu, as well as some pappadum (how to spell? lol) that Square kindly brought. It was so much fun. And it really felt like old times in MMU again.
Also, it’s amazing how entertaining dry ice can be. I think for an hour or so we were thoroughly engrossed in playing with the small chunks of dry ice that came in the Baskin Robbins packaging.

making stuff
Wee Liem and KE playing with the dry ice…

footie fan
Chiam absorbed in the MU-West Brom game. (This was really like old times. I can still recall when Chiam, Ju Lian and Ken would come over and watch football. ahaha)

The others eating ice-cream and watching KE trying to make a “dry ice bomb” (which I’m glad didn’t succeed? lol).

frozen assets
Frozen coins!

And did you know that if you rub a spoon or something metallic like a coin on a piece of dry ice, it produces a dreadful screeching sound that’s almost as ear-piercing as the sound of nails on a blackboard?

My camera’s super-macro mode rocks. Look at the ice crystals that formed on a coin stuck in dry ice! (This is a non-resized cropped piece from the pic directly above.)

Also, having a camera with video mode is essential for capturing fun, silly moments:

It was my kinda party. 8D haha

Then this afternoon (Sunday) I had lunch with Li Lian & Niger and Jase & Joanne; and Gim & Datin joined us later. That was fun too. :) And it’s the last time I’ll be seeing Jase & Joanne for a year! D: I didn’t know they were moving away so suddenly… Good thing I decided to go down to KL this weekend.


I have so missed hanging out with people from MMU. It was delightfully refreshing to be able to talk about less exalted topics than arthouse films. Not that I could always relate directly to the topics – like when the guys started talking about cars on Saturday night, or when Jase and Niger were talking about some IT/gadget-ish stuff. But it felt… normal? hahah I don’t know how to describe it.

I will admit that I do feel several shades of blue and grey after spending the weekend in the company of married/engaged/attached people (a mere 2 out of the 20 I met with were single like me) – at lunch on both Saturday and Sunday I was the only completely unattached person present, which was quite… a novel experience. I still had lots of fun, but, well, y’know.

Nevertheless, I definitely enjoyed myself!


Let’s close with some funny conversations snippets from Saturday night that are really more as a reminder to me than anything else since it’s hard to get the humour of these across unless you were actually there. heh
(As usual, edited for necessary clarity.)

On the topic of blogs – KE was saying that he can’t remember my new blog URL or something like that:
Me: But if you go to my old blog, the last post there has a link to my current blog what!
KE: Huh? Really?
Me: Ohmygoodness, KE!! I haven’t updated that blog in like… four years!
Tsk tsk tsk. So he’d already stopped reading my blog more than four years ago. Some ex-flatmate this is. xP

When talking about potential locations for Chiam’s wedding ceremony in July next year:
Bea: What about the Luther Centre? Where Charis had her wedding.
Chiam: Luther? Like, Lex Luthor?

Bea: (talks at the same time as Chiam) Like Martin Luther King.

Chiam: Oh… (realises what he just said) hahaha, Lex Luthor! I think I’m influenced too much by JW already. Too much fanboy stuff.
XDD Lex Luthor! ahahahahaha

When discovering that the coins belonging to Bea were kind of “frosted over” after being stuck in dry ice for a while:
(someone, I forgot who): Bea, your coins are frozen!
Lyd: Your assets are frozen… Literally.

On the cosiness of the place:
Square (I think?): It’s the interior design la, [the designers] know how to make the place comfortable.
Chiam: (takes about a second to think) No. It’s the air-con.
LOL, I think he’s right…

Wee Liem, on marketing dry ice:
WL: We can sell dry ice – “hours of entertainment for everyone.”
Me: Haha! “For ages 20 and above?”
WL: “Do not eat the ice.”

Upon finding that the water in which a bit of dry ice was dissolving is really cold:
WL: It’s very cold…
Chiam: It’s minus zero [degrees Celcius]?
Me: Minus zero??


Got anything to add or say? :D