Edinburgh Festival Fringe #3


What, did you think I’d stop at 2 posts of Fringe pics? haha At least 4, methinks.

It’s amazing what sort of characters people can make out of those balloons nowadays.

Street magician…

And another one…

The people in striking clothes promoting Fringe shows definitely made High Street more interesting. (Though sometimes it was a little bit annoying to have people keep pushing flyers at you.)

Then that evening (day 3 of the Fringe for me) I went to see a taiko performance at St John’s Church.

Interior of St. John’s. (After about an hour my nose started to detect some sort of incense burning somewhere and that kind of bugged me…)

Part of the set-up on the stage.

I noticed that the cushion in the pew where I was sitting had “1985” on it. ahahah

It was just a three-person team, only one of whom was Japanese. Pretty good though.


I don’t have many pics from day 4, so I figured I’d just tack them on here too. haha

More balloons~

A street performer we watched for a while en route to Usher Hall for the Rhapsodies in Red, White & Blue concert.

Sunset after the concert. Look at that sky ♥


Got anything to add or say? :D