Sejarah a Must-Pass?


Well, at least one thing in today’s news made me laugh.

As if making Sejarah a must-pass subject in SPM will make people any more patriotic. It’s not like those of us who scored an A in the subject felt any more patriotic than before. Getting a pass or good grades in something doesn’t at all mean that you like it or appreciate it. Doing well in BM didn’t make me – or my friends – love the language more. (If anything, it just convinced us that BM literature was dull as doorknob. Hm, actually even doorknobs are more interesting…) I got decent grades in Math and I still rather detest it. I used to be able to pass the exams for those extra Mandarin lessons I had to take for 4-5 years and still I’m essentially considered a “banana” and any inclination to learn it continues to decrease year after year. (I suspect this is due partly to the irritation of countless people telling me that I should learn it because I am ethnic Chinese. I get the feeling that I could speak 10 languages fluently, have a PhD and win a Nobel prize but if I can’t speak Mandarin or a Chinese dialect, people would think me or my education somehow inadequate and pity me.) If they must make something a compulsory pass in addition to BM, then why not English?

All nonsense.


Got anything to add or say? :D