Peranakan Mansion

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Went to see the Peranakan Mansion today with Anna and some of her friends. It really is pretty well done.

I didn’t get many good photos though. In fact, I like very few of the pics I took. I just picked out some of the slightly more decent photos to put up here. And made them black-and-white, except for one or two. Why? Because… er… the pictures aren’t all that great and doing so seemed to give them more interest? heh.

I think I need to familiarise myself properly with the DSLR in order to get better pics here. Sigh. But mah fan lah. haha. OR… I should try making myself a flash diffuser thingy so I can use the flash without having the pics look flat. Hm. There’s a thought.

Also, the next time I go, I should go on a weekday when it isn’t going to be flooded with people. It’s tiresome having to wait for everyone to move out of the way. Besides tourists, there was a huuuge group of school children that showed up. There was some sort of wedding photoshoot going on as well.

And, I should go when my foot doesn’t hurt and I can shift my weight around more easily. I kept having to lean to my left because putting pressure on my right foot made it ache. :( I must’ve seriously strained my poor foot last weekend at my cousin’s wedding. Ugh.

As usual, click on the pics to view larger.

The exterior walls are actually really green. (Colour version here)

Old piano standing in the corner…

Bonsai tree? Kind of large. I imagined bonsai were always small. But maybe this isn’t a bonsai. Or maybe it’s a large type of bonsai.


Courtyard next to kitchen.

Main family dining room. (It’s flanked by two guest dining rooms: “a room for English people to eat Chinese food” and “a room for Chinese people to eat English food.” LOL.)

A stained glass panel close-up. Apparently it’s the special type where you can look out of the room through the glass but people on the other side can’t look in. I’ve forgotten what’s the right word for that type…
(It’s in colour because I thought that it was a bit silly to have a photo of stained glass in black and white.)

The “room for Chinese people to eat English food.”


Big portrait of the first owner, the Kapitan Cina, Chung Keng Kwee (apparently a triad leader?) and his first wife, who was in China and never came to Malaysia.


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