Lake District: Day 4

I’ve put this off far too long. heh.

So, the last day at the Lakes.

One last lovely breakfast and then it was off to find our way to the other side of Lake Windermere, to see Hill Top, Beatrix Potter’s house.

Sailboats, as seen from our boat.

View of the little dock on the other side as our boat approached.

The mommy swan and daddy swan were pretty fierce, making hissy sounds and snapping at people who got off the boat. Protecting their cygnets, probably…?

Flowers growing on the fence beside the path leading to Hill Top.

Green, green, green~

Hill Top! Photography isn’t allowed inside the house, sadly.

The garden area surrounding the house definitely had quite a “countryside” feel to it.

A watering can being picturesque. :P

Pretty flower!

Sheep in a field across the road from Hill Top.

Random picture of Bowness…

And another random picture as we walked from Bowness back to Windermere.

Shot of cows from the train on the way back to Edinburgh…

Oh, if you were wondering: there really wasn’t anything much to do at nights but the B&B where we stayed had a DVD player and TV in every room and had a little DVD library downstairs from which we could pick a movie to watch. So for two nights (on the first night we were occupied with games on the netbook. lol) we watched movies and had nice hot chocolate~ On the second night we watched Toy Story and the third night we saw Star Trek: First Contact (and observed that one of our lecturers looks rather like Deanna Troi…). Good fun!

All in all, it was a good, relaxing trip!


Got anything to add or say? :D