Another Weekend in KL.

Went to KL for Uniqlo… and never actually set foot in it. There was a queue just to get in. A loooong queue. One look at it and we gave up. hahah The weekend wasn’t a failure anyhow, I got to meet up with friends and found a dress for convo.


Dinner on Friday night was fun! Lots of updates (someone’s going backpacking around Asia next year; two are planning to go on a working holiday to NZ for six months; there will be weddings to attend; etc.) and interesting MMU-related gossip too.

Nadia and I both agree that somehow lecturers/tutors who are very keen on research are often not actually very good at teaching the practical aspects of creative stuff. They can theorise and analyse but it’s almost as though they end up glossing over the realities of producing a film/artwork. She was telling me how exasperating it is to deal with some of the senior lecturers who are very much the research type but when it comes to the practical aspects of design and animation and all that, they’re not all that great. Totally reminded me of my film studies lecturers… Well, one of them, at least.

Anyway, one of the funniest lines of the night (in my memory) came from Azman.

Azman: Yuin-Y, you’re wearing jeans! Just an observation…
Nadia: Yeah, you’re wearing jeans!!

Then Nadia and Jo proceeded to list what they remember of my wardrobe in MMU, and the stuff I used to wear most frequently apparently included black slacks, grey slacks (me: “Grey? But I never had any grey slacks…”) and a denim skirt. Jeans were not by any means a staple in my wardrobe until I went to the UK. lol

(Oh, and the food at that place was really quite good too. hahah)


And I found Copic markers in the art shop at The Gardens!! Copicsssssss! ♥

I don’t feel much thrill in carrying an LV or Gucci bag, but Copic markers (and Wacom graphic tablets) make me happy~

It was so tempting to buy a set there and then. But I don’t need such a huge set yet. Maybe someday I will be good enough to actually require that. Maybe… hahah


And I should really start catching up with 365 before I leave for graduation. Squareeee, motivate me! You have to otherwise no one will. :P


Got anything to add or say? :D