Edinburgh Festival Fringe #4

I think this particular day (August 16th! haha) was one of the more entertaining Fringe days for me. Somehow my timing was just right and I managed to catch quite a few street shows, including the one that’s my favourite of all the street performances – a Japanese group called To R Mansion. Trust the Japanese to come up with odd names. lol

They called their show “The Cinema Race”, and it was pretty entertaining. It was basically spoofs/reenactments of movie scenes. I thought my classmates should have been there to watch it becauase I’m sure they’d have enjoyed it even more since they’d probably recognise more of the scenes than I did.

I thought the Matrix sequence was amusing. :P

There was a Forrest Gump-esque bit…

I didn’t recognise a lot of things, but it was still loads of fun to watch!

Have a video clip too (it’s the start of the “race”) :

Some other pics from around High Street…

I’ve no idea how this  guy twisted himself into that position.

Promoters for another Japanese group, called “Ple-Mix.”

There was a Korean group trying to promote their show by doing dances from their play or whatever it was but I think it was hampered by the fact that their radio wasn’t loud enough and you could hardly hear the music over the general noise in High Street.


Got anything to add or say? :D