Mini KL Trip


So last Tuesday I went down to KL with Dad and Ming. Because I knew that once I come back from convocation, I won’t be able to hop down to KL quite so easily since I’ll be working again starting December 13.

tiny isle
View of one of those tiny islands (islets? haha) between Penang island and the mainland. And yes, the two pictures in the previous post were from the drive to/from KL.

All I basically did was meet up with people and chat. My favourite kind of KL trip. (Hm? Shopping? What’s that? :P )

On Tuesday afternoon I sat down with Lyd for a good 3 hours at least, had a late lunch and just talked about a whole variety of things, from your typical girl gossip to talk about working life to reminiscing about MMU days to discussions about church(es). I had a great time! I love those kinds of conversations, where you run the gamut from the mundane and funny to the more thoughtful and serious.

Then at night, Square came over and we ordered Domino’s and watched Summer Wars. After the show ended, we talked a bit about local films – there was an amusing 5-10 minutes or so where we tried to recall all the 15Malaysia films. I’m almost ashamed that Ming Jin’s Slovak Sling was the last to come to mind – I ought to have remembered that early on since I did like that one a lot, and Ming Jin was one of my lecturers in MMU too. lol
(If you’re Malaysian and you haven’t seen the 15Malaysia short films… YOU SHOULD. Go now. My personal favourites are Potong Saga, Chocolate, House, Halal, Slovak Sling, Meter and Healthy Paranoia. And, if I may be allowed to puff up with meaningless pride for a second: in addition to Woo Ming Jin being a former lecturer of mine, two other directors there are MMU alumni, from FA too – Liew Seng Tat and Tan Chui Mui. haha)

Had lunch with Leen, Bonnie & WKin on Wednesday afternoon before leaving KL. Whenever I meet up with MGS friends I always feel like it’s so so so cool that we’re still pretty close. And then at some point or other I’ll usually have a little “wow” moment when I remember that in Yang and Bonnie’s cases, we’ve been friends and classmates them since… forever. LOL. Well, since Standard 1 lah. And that’s a long time! That’s eighteen years already! With others like Leen and Steph it’s been a little shorter – just fifteen years. But it’s still long!

I ♥ my friends.


Got anything to add or say? :D