14 Snapshots


Well, I’ve been here in Europe about 14 days, so I decided to be nice and put up 14 snaps from my phone camera. It’s not one for every day though – some days I really couldn’t be bothered to remove my gloves just to take photos with the phone, fun though it is to play with the photography apps. A lot of these was actually mostly me fiddling with the various apps. Quite fun :D
(I’ve got more pics from my ‘proper’ camera, but those will come after I get back on the 8th as I’ll have to look at them again and edit them properly before posting them.)

edinburgh - hub
The Hub; pic taken as I strolled back down the Royal Mile after leaving my parents at their tour bus to St Andrew’s.

edinburgh - jenners
Jenners was full of fairy lights. Christmas~~~

gent - door
The main entrance to our hotel in Gent, Belgium.

gent - lobby
The lobby of the hotel.

gent - snow
It snowed!

gent - old buildings
Uhm… Somewhere in the historical centre of Gent?

gent - church
One of the three famous churches/cathedrals in Gent.

gent - road
Random road…

paris - view
The view from my room at Novotel Les Halles, Paris.

paris - louvre
The Pavilion Richelieu as seen from inside that glass pyramid thingy that’s the entrance to the Louvre. The Pavilion Richelieu is one of the wings of the Louvre, on the left (from the main entrance). The centre section is Sully and the other wing is Denon.

paris - bonne journee
*takes a stab at translating that name* Good Sunday…? Good day. :P

paris - le tour eiffel
Le Tour Eiffel.

london - her majesty's theatre
Her Majesty’s Theatre, home of The Phantom of the Opera.

london - bus
Quaint-looking bus.



  1. Why, it’s “good day”, of course! :)

  2. *snaps fingers*

    I don’t know why I kept thinking it meant “Sunday.” lol

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