Gent, Belgium

I don’t know if I should spell it as “Gent” or “Ghent.” But since I’ve labelled the pics with “Gent,” I’ll stick with that spelling in this post.

Gent is nice – if you haven’t already become inured to the sight of old European buildings, cathedrals and the like. Unfortunately, I am, somewhat. We were only there two nights, which was good in my opinion, since there wasn’t a great deal to see – especially in the cold, cold winter.

And this is a clock in my room. (I just thought the picture looked nice. *shrugs*)

It snowed~

Someone’s snow-covered bike.

Colourful houses along one street…

… and no, I don’t know why they hang shoes like that.

Giant graffiti painting

View along the river. The buildings are rather pretty in their own way. Just that I was feeling kinda bored (and really cold).

Dunno what building it is, but I like how the roofs look with all the snow. haha

One of the cathedrals… The Belfry, maybe.

Another riverside view… Very snow-covered, as you can see.

Interesting street lamp. From this angle it almost looks like the winged guy (angel?) is trying to smash the bulb instead of that dragon at his feet.


Got anything to add or say? :D