Paris, France (1)

The results of a day spent wandering about the touristy spots of Paris alone until evening. Nice to know that I’m capable of finding my way around alone if I want to. But I don’t want to again. Not alone. No way.

View from one of the bridges across the Seine. That’s Eiffel Tower far off in a distance.

Leafless trees…

Wasn’t quite sure what the dark green box-like things were until I saw this guy setting up his little stall.

Wandered onto the bridge called Pont des Arts (and that’s the Louvre there) which has lots and lots of padlocks attached to the railings on either side. I presumed this must be one of those things where couples come and attach a padlock there and throw away the key to symbolise everlasting love or something.

(A Google search brought up news articles from May this year that say the city authorities started removing the locks because they were becoming eyesores – like this article, for instance. Well, if they removed all of the locks in May… the locks sure ‘grew’ back pretty quick. lol)

It was interesting to look at the locks and read the names and stuff that were written/engraved on some.


It was nice to see some padlocks that weren’t the standard gold or silver types.

I couldn’t help wondering how long most of these relationships actually lasted or will last. (Not “fur immer“, certainly, if I was to take my film studies classmates as sample of how relationships are conducted and how long they last. It’s much nicer to imagine the couples being like Li Lian and Niger, John and Mei Sin, Cheryl and Alex, and so on.)

Not sure why this one had four all linked together. (Extra luck?) But it was colourful!

Wandered through the Louvre’s courtyard and through to the front of it. Look, remnants of snow…

The Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel. Not to be confused with the other, more famous one – the Arc de Triomphe de L’Étoile.

The barren-looking, wintry appearance of Jardin des Tuileries.

Another ice and snow-covered pond. I was kind of intrigued by the trees… The way they cut the tops flat. It must look iinteresting in spring and summer.

Still in the Jardin des Tuileries…

Lamp posts + snow will always make me think of Narnia.

It’s so… fuzzy-looking. And so white. And darn cute. Though not as cute as fat wild rabbits.

I bet this park teems with people in the summer. The chairs look a bit sad and lonely in the winter.

Bird footprints on snow atop a frozen pond.

Starting down the Champs-Elysées. There was a Christmas market thing going on.

The actual shopping zone of Champs-Elysées.

Arc de Triomphe de L’Étoile. This is the famous one. haha

Notre Dame.

Funnily enough, a  few minutes before I arrived at Notre Dame, the song that came up on my iPod was Quasimodo’s “Out There” from Hunchback of Notre Dame. :P

The Eiffel Tower.

For sanity’s sake, I’ll stop here for now. The nighttime photos and the Louvre pics and all that can come in other posts.
And this is roughly the route of my wanderings, if you feel so inclined to know. (Click for full view.)

Red line indicates walking, blue indicates shortcut by Metro. I didn’t mark the return trips (our hotel was where the little marker is) because there’d be unnecessary lines crisscrossing the map since I merely used the Metro. The full red line was my morning/afternoon walk. By the time I got to the Arc de Triomphe in the afternoon I was too tired to walk aaaaall the way back. The second line (with blue and red) was my route to Notre Dame and to the Eiffel Tower. And of course the train doesn’t cut straight across from Saint Michel to the Eiffel. But I don’t see the need to trace the train lines here. haha


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  1. The bird footprints photo is my fave!
    Oh, and the padlock thing can be found in Korea as well… Didn’t know France and Korea had that in common huh?

    1. Yeah, my sister told me about the one in Korea. Apparently there’s something like that in China as well? (Trust China to have one too. XD )

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