London – Winter 2010

Right, let’s be done with this.

Dunno what these are – something in the back of my mind is whispering “chesnuts” but I think it’s just making random guesses – but they looked interesting silhouetted against the sky like that. This is.. er… somewhere near Buckingham Palace.

Golden statues outside Buckingham Palace.

The last remnants of autumn in St James’s Park.

Leaves on the frozen pond in St James’s.

Sunset over the frozen pond at St James’s Park.

Squirrel! Fuzzy… I want.

Westminster. Why don’t I remember it looking this white in summer?

Big Ben as darkness falls.

Uhm, outside Hyde Park on a Sunday…? Apparently artists display and sell their stuff there on Sundays. It’s like a little art market.

I just thought the balcony was kinda pretty.

The National Gallery and a singularly unimpressive-looking Christmas tree.

The big Christmas market/fair at Hyde Park.

I’m just happy with how this pic turned out~

The poses are so amusing. XD

I liked how the colours of the lights showed up against the smoke/steam. Pretty gradient.

I’m quite sure something’s wrong with the placement of those apostrophes…

Another successful attempt at forcing shallow depth of field. :)

And I didn’t realise that the stalls had little Christmas-sy images on top until we were leaving.


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