Orthopedia vs Anaesthesia

I was going to write about something… but then I forgot what it was. 8D

So, just for the heck of it, here’s a vid that Steph showed me. I totally cracked up laughing when watching it. It does require some knowledge of medical terms, but well, I enjoyed it hugely even though we had to pause a couple of times for Dr. Steph to explain the terms to me.

I’ll make it easier and explain a few things right off:

  • Orthopedic surgeons are apparently infamous stereotypes (in medical circles) for being very preoccupied with the fracture(s) and less so with the patient who has the fracture.
  • Anaestheticians are known for “obstructing” cases – being overly fussy about various details (they have to though, because you can’t just blindly give the same anaesthetic to everyone).
  • If your body temperature is 29°C, that’s practically hypothermia.
  • pH 6.8 is super acidic = badddd. Practically dead.
  • asystole = a flatline ECG. (heartbeat, nil.)

(I don’t need to explain “femur” and “CPR”, do I?)



A couple of my favourite parts…

Anaesthetics registrar: Ok. Let’s start from the basics. Where is the fracture?

Orthopedics registrar: The fracture is in the emergency department. I need to fix it.

A: That’s not what I meant. Who does the fracture belong to?

O: The fracture belongs to a bone. The bone is a femur.



O: There will be minimal blood loss.

A: I think she has other management priorities at the moment.

O: Like the fracture.

A: Like CPR!

O: Ah! They have finished doing that.

A: … Oh. They have stopped doing CPR on someone in asystole.

O: Yes.

A: That means she is dead.

O: There will be minimal blood loss.

*dies laughing*


I’m not the only non-medical person to find it utterly hilarious, am I? ^^


Got anything to add or say? :D