I would leave this for a later time, but… Whoa. I’m so amazed I just have to tell you all about it! hahah… I was searching for a music video, but came across this instead.

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Apparently this is a Japanese dance group called U-min. Craaaaazy popping. I’m just blown away. Forgive me; I don’t often see this level of skill (for this particular type of dance) combined with theatrical performance… Their timing!! Wah lau. Whatever. It’s just cool! Trust me, wait for the video to load. It’s worth the wait.

There are probably other groups out there who are just as good, but since I don’t have the time to go dig out every group of this type, watching U-min will do for now. hahah

Here’s a couple more videos you can check out if you’re too lazy to go search Youtube yourself. :P

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  1. woooaaaahhhh


  2. anna: My sentiments exactly. hahahaha

  3. haha, awesome! I wonder if they are the same guys who did this :
    > click on the MOVIE tab and select. Check it out ;)

  4. candice: Hmm… Doesn’t look like the same guys somehow. But it’s cool too =D Thanks for the link!

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