Six Songs of 2010


The songs (or music) which will always – or at least for a very long time – remind me of 2010.


1.Yo Soy Tu Amigo Fiel (Danna Paola and Alek Synteks)

I’ve mentioned this song before when I was all hyped up about Toy Story 3. Considering how many times I’ve listened to it (over 200 times on Media Player and dunno how many times on the iPod), it’s rightfully the song of 2010 for me. Amazingly, I’m not sick of it yet. I liked it then and I like it just as much now.


2. Waka Waka (Shakira)

World Cup 2010, the sporting event of the year! And one of the teams I supported actually won~ ¡Viva España! That aside… I really liked this song. It’s fun and totally fit the mood of the tournament as well as the host nation, I think. ♪ Tsamina mina zangalewa – it’s time for Africa

(And during a spur-of-the-moment Red Box session with friends from school, we discovered that this is maybe one of the best songs to sing at karaoke because it’s fun, there’s almost no way anyone has not heard it before, and it’s recent enough that everyone still remembers it fairly well.)


3. Overture of the Summer Wars (Summer Wars)

The film was fun (though Girl Who Leapt Through Time was far better) and I just really really liked the opening theme. Summery and light, with shifts into melodies with a touch of romance.

The opening credits of the film (during which this piece plays) also introduces the superhero rabbit avatar character just being plain awesome. Another plus point for it. :P


4. Night & Day (Frank Sinatra)

Oh, there’s no way this song was not making the list. I derived waaaay too much amusement from the mere title of it. And it’s also a nice song anyway. :)


5. One By One (The Lion King musical)

Well, I actually saw The Lion King on Christmas Eve 2009, but let’s ignore that. xP Seeing The Lion King is still one of the most memorable parts of my time in the UK. Anyway, this was one of the original songs written for the stage version – and it ended up as my (computer) alarm clock sound for quite some months.


6. One Short Day (Wicked)

(It was tough choosing between this one and Hisaishi Joe’s Totoro medley and “Undercurrent”  by… er… Joey Yung, I think. But I have more interesting things to say about this one. haha)

This song became particularly apt in my final weeks in Edinburgh. Of course, I was not like Elphaba as I had no best friend Galinda over there (hmm, or maybe I did? I don’t know – depends on one’s definition I suppose), but the general feel of the song was very much in keeping with my mood in the last two weeks… which is why I used it for that montage:

Moreover, (1) if you switched “Emerald” for “Edinburgh” it actually kinda worked, and (2) since it was high festival season in August, the bit about “so much to do” made even more sense. lol. “One short day, here in Edinburgh city / One short day, full of so much to do / Every way that you look in the city / There’s something exquisite / You’ll want to visit / Before the day’s through…”



  1. Hey, nice list! But you should have used the “Night and Day” version that has the strange, almost discordant beginning. Very cool! haha

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