Jedi Badminton?


So John – who has the same birthday as me (only 5 years earlier); yay us! – found this video on Facebook and decided that sharing it and tagging the 3 most Star Wars-mad people he knew was a good idea.

The comment thread on his Fb wall ran like this…

Yuin: Ok, someone definitely had too much time on their hands. LOL
John: how can the shuttlecock not be sabered into half?
Yuin: More like, how did it not totally disintegrate the minute it made contact with a blade of blazing hot light?
The minute I hit the Enter button, geek mode set in and I had to add on – just for the heck of it. haha
Yuin: Ooh. Maybe it’s made of beskar – lightsaber-resistant iron. *geek mode*
John: i knew u had a better answer to star wars physics
Terry: like, but would have been better if Duel of The Fates was used as soundtrack. Beskar is so EU. Zillo beast armor more like it.
Jia Wern: You guys beat me to it. Commenting, I mean.
John: this is becoming too much. now regret

*cracks up*

John should be glad I didn’t respond to Terry. I almost did, saying that EU is totally canon and beskar-gam is legitimate in the Star Wars universe. But I decided against it before I finished typing the sentence. I think that would’ve made him regret even more. :P
(I do, however, agree that the Duel of the Fates music should have been used instead. And the SFX should’ve been toned down a bit so the background music could actually be heard properly. haha).

Got anything to add or say? :D