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Found while art blog-hopping:

graphic design

[Source: thirdeyehush @ tumblr]

“Impossible utopia.” Haha!

I bet every designer wishes that clients would see this and take heed of it.


Also, I realised I hadn’t been to Clients from Hell for a while so I’ve been going through the site again today. Nice to know that clients all over the world – especially clients for web or graphic designers – are equally exasperating in terms of aesthetic demands and pay. hahah

This one may be my favourite:

Client: “I’ve spoken to my accountant, and he said you were too expensive, that he could find me another designer for half your price, but I want to work with you, can we renegotiate?

Me: “How much are you paying your accountant? I’m sure I can find you a cheaper one.






  1. >.<
    Not nice.
    Don't bully the poor accountant.

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