Broadway Parodies Lah!

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So yesterday Candice and I headed to Actor’s Studio in Bangsar after church to see Broadway Parodies Lah! Turned out to be really quite worth the money. (RM20, student price.) It was a string of Broadway songs with ‘Malaysian-ised’ lyrics. Hi-la-ri-ous.

There were songs like Hello Datin!, We Must Play Golf All Night, Climb Up the Mountain, The Bomoh of the Bursa, and Chicken with the Chili on Top. (Can you guess the original song titles and/or musicals they’re from? Answers given under the ‘continue’ link. =P )

I’m going to borrow descriptions of some of the songs from The Star Online’s interview with the director and writer, Brian McIntyre.

Food Glorious Food (from Oliver!) is all about delicious Malaysian dishes like laksa, kuay teow and spicy curries. Hello Datin (localised version of Hello Dolly) is about women who undergo plastic surgery to improve their appearance.

I’m Off to Genting in the Morning (tweaked from My Fair Lady) is about Malaysians who love to spend their weekends at Genting Highlands…

Meanwhile, We Must Play Golf All Night (remastered from My Fair Lady) is about businessmen who head off to the golf course to enlarge their contact lists, with hopes of clinching business deals. For My Favourite Things (from The Sound of Music), McIntyre touches on his affinity for Malaysia – blue skies, rich traditions and humorous people.

There was Seventeen Going On Eighteen (Sound of Music) – about a girl waiting to see if she’ll get called up for NS. hahahahah! And that girl was really good. I don’t know her name, but I think she really stood out in the group – besides Douglas Lim and Joanne Kam Poh Poh. She looks quite young – like Form 4 or 5. But I thought her singing was great and you could see from the way she dances and acts that she knows how to do it. As Candice said, “theatre potential.”

Bomoh of the Bursa was a real joke… Shaman of the Shares. The guy who played the bomoh had plastic chillies hung all over him for some reason or other. ROFL. There was also Delisted (Cole Porter’s De-lovely) – about a company that’s basically gone bankrupt and has been delisted. ahaha! Another song was Aiyo – based on Heigh Ho! from “Snow White.” Candice and I were a little puzzled about that since it’s a Disney song, not a Broadway song… But it was funny anyway. :P And then there was Marina (Maria, West Side Story) – as in Marina Mahatir. Marina… Your dad’s no longer PM, Marinaaaa….

One of the most hilarious sequences was the last one where Douglas Lim played a tourist guide for a group of ‘British’ tourists.

“Just now you saw the world’s largest carpark – Federal Highway.”

*audience explodes into laughter.*

“…And here you can see the world’s longest escalator. But because this is Malaysia, it is out of order.”

So the tourists have to walk up interminable stairs (to Batu Caves), hence Climb Up the Mountain. And once they’re back down, he proceeds to teach them how to ‘get along’ with the locals. Makes them sit on the road first (“…I give you a history lesson. Our first prime minister was Tunku Abdul Rahman. T-A-R. So now you sit on the TAR!”). And so he starts the lesson – in “basic cursing.” Cue Bodoh Lah, probably one of the most hilarious songs in the show.

Boh – the tea from Camerons;
Doh – you make it into bread;
Why – you say I so ‘leng zhai?’
You – five letters back from Z;

So – the cloth the tailor stitches; (okay, this line didn’t make sense to me)
Like – like father like the son;
Dat – the opposite of this;
And you end it with a “One!”


Conclusion? I highly highly recommend this if you’re anything like Candice and I – you like stage plays, you like musicals. (It’s probably more enjoyable if you can recognise most of the songs they sing. Makes it doubly funny and you remember the songs better.)

It’ll be running until June 3 so catch it if you can! ;)

1. “Hello Dolly!”, Hello Dolly
2. “I Could Have Danced All Night,” My Fair Lady
3. “Climb Every Mountain,” The Sound of Music
4. “The Phantom of the Opera,” The Phantom of the Opera
5. “Surrey with the Fringe on the Top,” Oklahoma!

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