E is for Edinburgh

Hm… All of a sudden I miss the Crags and Blackford Hill. One thing about colder climate – it actualy makes you feel like taking walks outside.
(Yay! Now I’ve caught up I can go back to 1 post a day.).

And just a few minutes ago, Anna was stuck trying to write “existence” into her A-Z Challenge. I was very helpful.

yuin: change the word la
e for elves
anna: but it would be weird for an elf to appear!
y: E is for elephant
elf enters on elephant. “egad! elves exist!” exclaims existing character.
a: >.<

y: E is for Emo.
a: elmo
y: elmo is emo?
emo elmo moles lemons
grabble! XD

8D Randommmm.

Got anything to add or say? :D