W is for Wish Upon a Star



I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on the piano these days, just plinking out tunes like Heart of Worship, Be Still for the Presence of the LordIt is Well, and random Disney pieces that I like. (I imagine the composers of all those songs are turning in their graves every time I mangle the music. hahah… Fortunately, God doesn’t mind all the wrong notes and poor chord progression choices.) I wish I was as musical as Josh or John, or Square or Day. It must be nice to be able to play almost anything just by listening. Or to at least be able to instinctively pick out the choicest chords for the moment.

After hearing the Japanese version of When You Wish Upon a Star and then John Williams’s version of it (for Close Encounters of the Third Kind) recently, this is the song most on my mind nowadays. The melody has such a magical quality to it – and depending on the mood I’m in when I listen to it, it can sound either delightfully hopeful or wistful and sorrowful. Or even somewhere in between.

The song also combines Disney and stars, two of my favourite things? 8D


Random; no connection to anything but the date: it’s Steph’s birthday today! Steph, I hope you’re having an amazing birthday over there in NZ~



Got anything to add or say? :D