What I Dislike About Facebook


Or perhaps I should say, “What I find irritating about Malaysian Facebook trends.”


1. “So-and-so was tagged in Some Tiresome Online Store’s album.”


This is so incredibly irritating that… that… I have no words for it. Every day I have to see at least 3 of these from different people on my News Feed. Every. Single. Day. Shoes, dresses, gadget accesories, baby clothes… I’m so sick of it that the minute I see anything that even resembles that sort of post, I hide the post straightaway without thinking further. I’ve blocked several people off my News Feed purely on the grounds that they have so many of these sort of posts that it’s practically indirect spam. I’m tempted to block a few more now for the same reason.

It’s not really their fault, perhaps, since Fb’s system automatically up any photo that your friends are tagged in. In some cases, it’s interesting – like event photos and such. But in cases like these… asf@#dafjkl23$@dfd%^kjl. It is so aggravating. And there’s just no way to label these as “spam” or to block only these sort of posts short of blocking all photos or that friend. argh.


2. “Please ‘like’ my picture!”

Okay, so my sister recently won a contest of this sort. And I did ‘like’ the picture in question. But in most cases – in fact, in every case except the two times my sister has done so – I have totally, completely, ignored it. Yes, I’m horrible. But I honestly find it so irritating. More so when I have to “like” a brand page first and then only “like” the specific picture. It’s worse when the picture in question is not something I actually really like. Perhaps it’s all semantics. Perhaps if it wasn’t a “like” button and was just some other thing like “vote” I would feel less annoyed. I don’t know. As things stand now, I am disinclined to acquiesce to those requests.

Hmm, wait, I’ve “liked” stuff more than twice. The only other time was when underheadlights was trying to win votes to open for the Switchfoot concert recently. Seriously, though, the lengths they went to were really annoying ones. They’re my friends, but… Was it really necessary to post the same message on every single person’s Wall in addition to your own status updates?? We’ve all got similar circles of friends so it appeared a gazillion times on my News Feed. Talk about being tiresome. It’s one thing if someone else reposts the message on your behalf, but when you are the one doing it yourself…


3. “I’ve found a lost chicken on my farm! Would you like to keep it?”


Those Facebook games. Not just Farmville, but everything else that involves a certain amount of interaction between players. All these useless messages that beseech others to “send some coffee beans” or “help me pick flowers” or whatever.Fortunately, there’s a simple way out of this: I just block the game. And every time someone starts playing a new game and that announcement shows up on my News Feed, I just block the game immediately. Ha.


4. Cross-posting from other social networks.

Twitter and Instagram are the main culprits here. Well, Instagram’s not so bad, maybe. But Twitter! *headdesk* It’s a veritable flood. I have a Twitter account but I use it primarily to follow Disney news and such (Toy Story 3‘s director, Lee Unkrich, has an awesomely fun Twitter account – especially if you’re a Pixar fan… or if you like The Shining, perhaps). I don’t follow most of my friends who use Twitter because they cross-post it to Facebook. No point in having redundant information.

Not everyone cross-posts, but the ones who do happen to be those who tweet a lot. And it’s rather exasperating in its own way. Interesting links are fine, but do I really need to know what you’re having for dinner? Or whether there’s a cockroach in your room? (Okay, I suppose the latter could be interesting if you posted updates about how you’re chasing the roach around with a roll of newspaper and how it’s cleverly staying alive by flying straight into your face…)

Actually, that sounds like what some people might do with their Fb status updates. Hmm. But apparently the people on my Friends list don’t do that. (Or maybe those who do are some whom I’ve just dropped from the News Feed. heh.)


If you think I’m being biased against my own countrymen, in saying these are things I dislike about Malaysian Fb trends, bear in mind that I’m not taking a survey of the whole world (I have no such resources for that). I can only base my opinion on what I see in my Fb account. And what I see is that my Malaysian friends are the ones most irritating on Facebook. My friends from around the world now – the US, the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Australia – do none of the above. Really. Either I’m just unusually lucky in my friends from abroad or else these really are Malaysian “trends.” Particularly #1 and #2.

All right, so maybe #4 is “understandable” – some people want to push their online brand ahead, some want to keep the friends not on Twitter in the loop about their life. However, that doesn’t make it less irritating. I think I’m one of those people who doesn’t like information overload. I can take it up to a point… and after that it just starts feeling ridiculous. Funnily enough, the people whom I would like to hear from – even the mundane things – are the ones who post very little. Maybe they’re all like me and either don’t want to bother everyone else with random stuff or they’re just too lazy. hahah

Sigh. Well, maybe Facebook’s EdgeRank system will gradually mitigate some of this irritation…




Got anything to add or say? :D