Students. Sigh.

The thing about having frustrating or not-very-strong students is that they do provide you with stories to tell. If you feel like telling them, that is. Sometimes one just feels so irked you don’t want to talk about it. haha

After the incident with the girl who had no idea that the Sydney Opera House resides in Sydney, Australia, I wasn’t too surprised when – in an attempt to explain stylization to another student – I asked her if she knows of Picasso, and she gave me a blank look and somewhat sheepishly said no. Sometimes I wonder… if I was to ask my students whether they know Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Raphael or Donatello, what is the likelihood that they would answer, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?” Or I might get “Leonardo DiCaprio?” as an answer, maybe.

However, the positive side of some of the weaker students is that they’re a lot less inclined to invent long stories about why they’re submitting assignments late. On occasion, though, even that can be kind of funny.


One of the students in my editing class submitted her most recent assignment late and sent me an e-mail saying (and note her last sentence):

Sorry to say that I submitted the assignment late again, when I went on Friday I saw you walking out of the office at 4 30 but I didn’t know you were going home already, when I went up to the office, it was closed. I tried again this afternoon at 12 plus but the same thing occurred, so I decided to just drop it at the admin office bird nest so please get it on Monday. =D

Wonder what would have happened if I replied: I know where my pigeon-hole is, but where is this bird nest? I haven’t seen any nests around. Do tell.


Another student – from the same class – came some days later to submit his assignment. He was late, he apologised. So far so good. They have a cover page to fill in for all their assignments. He’d forgotten to fill in one section – the one for the lecturer’s name. Borrowed a pen from me to do so. He stood there a moment and stared at the paper.

And then he said, “Er, sorry ah. What’s your name? I can’t remember.”

Can’t remember??

I was so stunned I didn’t know what to say. Otherwise I’d probably have told him to go find out from his classmates and not come asking ridiculous questions like that after more than 10 weeks of lessons. My mother said that had he said such a thing to any of her colleagues, he’d have gotten quite an earful from them – partly for sheer rudeness. And he probably deserves it. Fortunately for him, I never had any student come to me to submit an assignment and ask me what my name is so I was just too taken aback to give him the appropriate scolding.  I almost want him to do the same thing again with his final assignment just so I can tell him off for being rude. haha



2 thoughts to “Students. Sigh.”

    If he can’t remember your name, how does he know where your office is? By memory? Isn’t your name like on the door or cubicle or something? :P
    Maybe you should get the girl to BUY you some bird’s nest. If you eat it.

    1. He just remembers the location, obviously. My name’s not on the cubicle… since I assume the students know my name after the first week.
      And no, I don’t like bird’s nest. hahah

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