This is How Star Wars Fans Talk…


… about the rather annoying stuff going on in KL tomorrow that is depriving me of a perfectly good wedding dinner. :(

Edge: u need an r2 unit.
cos with an r2, it will fix the hyperdrive so even trade federation blockades can be broken through

Yuin: sigh, as i am not in possession of an r2 unit, I shall not go tomorrow
E: be sure to visit the galactic senate
while they discuss this invasion in a committee

Y: “if this council is incapable of action… i move for a vote of no-confidence – in chancellor valorum.”
E: vote now vote now
Y: *waves hand along with ET*


And a while later…
E: But seems like cyber attack is on
Y: cyber attack?
E: Ddos.
On them online news guys

Y: huh? again?
this is getting extremely tiresome
E: Some old same old
Would you prefer a military target?
Then name the system!
Y: …Dantooine. They’re on Dantooine.
E: They may fire when ready
Y: No!!

This sort of situation seems particularly apt for Star Wars-type talk, if nothing else. haha

(And isn’t it interesting that in Star Wars, the two major female characters are both heavily involved in politics? The bits Edge and I were quoting and referring to up there are related to Padmé – when she was Queen Amidala – and Princess Leia.)


Got anything to add or say? :D