After last year’s convo, I sketched an impression of myself in graduation robes…

So, convo came and went.

Was overall quite fun, I guess. (Walking in 9cm heels all day wasn’t much fun, though.) At least this year FCM was put on the same day as FIT, so there wasn’t the ugly clash of colours that there was last year (FCM’s green with FOE’s orange…). Our green with IT’s silver was more bearable. hahah

Don’t feel like typing a lot, so I’ll just chuck a bunch of pictures here.

 My parents gave me flowers (and they got me an mp3 player!) :x And my sisters got me a dolphin plushie (that blue thingy you see me attempting to hold along with the flowers) – I still haven’t figured out what to call it yet. :P Chee Kah and some of the guys seemed amused that it wasn’t a teddy bear. “Bears are overrated… At least it’s a dolphin.”

And so my “holiday” ends. Here comes working life… And design “assignments” for youth camp, the badminton carnival and SXI’s prom thingy. (If I got paid for all these, I wouldn’t need to get a job so fast. Hahah)

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  1. Aiy..I was kinda too busy on Monday to go around. It’s quite impossible to look for ppl in the mass anyway unless I call…

    Your 2006 impression predicted longer hair, and sure it is, ur hair’s longer…not so sure about the chin though…hahahaha.

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