I Miss It.


All it took was for Francis to mention that he’s in a musical that starts tomorrow ( – from just reading the synopsis I knew he’s gonna be the lead role! Go Fran!)… And now I’ve a renewed itch to get back to writing and “directing.” It doesn’t help at all that the current movie I want to see is Hairspray, a musical too.


I really miss the flurry and fuss of getting together a play. The brainstorming, the planning, the casting, the rehearsals… Anticipation of the performance… The way everyone’s a bit frantic backstage throughout, thanks to excitement and nerves… How the cast totally delivers on stage… The laughter of the audience at the funny parts… The mix of relief and sadness when it all ends…

Ah. I’m getting all sentimental. *sniff*

When you wish upon a star...

Got anything to add or say? :D