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There are a few movies I’m looking forward to: Enchanted, Horton Hears a Who and Wall-e (and there’s also the Hana Yori Dango movie, but never mind that for now :P ).


– Disney
– Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Susan Sarandon
– Expected release: November 2007

Jim Hill describes Enchanted as a “live action / animated romantic comedy with music”. It’s about a fairytale princess, Giselle (Amy Adams), who gets thrown into our world by her fiance’s evil mother (Susan Sarandon). In the real world, she meets a lawyer (Patrick Dempsey) and they develop feelings for each other, BUT – insert suspenseful music – Prince Edward (James Marsden) comes along to search for his missing bride! (And the wicked queen eventually comes too – what, you think she wouldn’t?)
I rather think the ending would be kinda obvious in this kind of situation, but who knows… They might surprise us.

But I’m still very keen on seeing this largely because (1) it looks like a good deal of fun, (2) it’s a sort of musical, (3) there’s traditional 2D animation and (4) hey, Alan Menken & Stephen Schwartz music! Menken and Schwartz did the music for Pocahontas and Menken also worked on Hunchback of Notre Dame, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Little Mermaid.

HortonHorton Hears a Who

– Blue Sky
– Jim Carrey, Steve Carrell
– Expected release: March 2008

This adaptation of Dr Seuss’s book looks to me to be pretty darn good. Blue Sky – creators of Ice Age – are doing a good job, as far as I can see from the trailer. They got the character designs right and managed to turn them 3D without destroying the look (a “good” example of designs just not really working as well in 3D as the flat 2D designs would be Lucas’s upcoming Clone Wars TV series).

The story essentially is about Horton the elephant and how he befriends and tries to help a community of teeny tiny beings who live on a speck of dust. In the book, no one else believes that there’s actually living things talking, working, eating, sleeping on that miniscule speck. I suppose that’s how it’s gonna be in the movie too. (It had better be…) Hopefully the full movie will be as fun as the trailer makes it seem. :)

Horton image from:



– Disney/Pixar
– Director: Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo)
– Expected release: summer 2008

The trailer at the moment doesn’t exactly tell you much, but from spoilers I’ve read on jimhillmedia, it seems like an endearing little story. (Or at least the robot’s endearing…)

Basically it seems to be like this (unless they make some major changes before next year’s release): It’s years and years and years in the future… Humans have left earth to live in space and no one’s left on earth but robots that clean up the trash. These robots are products of the Buy n Large (henceforth BnL) company, and they’re called WALL-E – Waste Allocation Load Lifters — Earth. The robots have slowly broken down until there’s only one li’l WALL-E left. (Pronounce it “Wally.”) After several hundred years of it, his circuits have gone a bit haywire and he’s now self-aware, curious – and lonely.

I won’t say any more about the story summary, but I’m quite looking forward to this. The robot WALL-E seems to me like a miniaturised (and simplified) version of the robot Johnny No. 5 in the Short Circuit movies. Oh, but WALL-E can’t talk, so it’s going to be really interesting to see how the animators convey the story and his feelings/thoughts through just actions. It’ll be like a mime! Sort of. Not really. I don’t know if he’ll eventually get to talk or not so… Ah, just wait for the movie!

One thing I really like is WALL-E’s promotional campaigns at the moment. It’s not in full swing yet, but what’s out is really amusing.

There are these cards – I think they’re postcards:
Postcards from Buy n Large
(I have, unfortunately forgotten where I found these images. Forgot to note down whose art blog it was where I saw them… :( )

The whole set is very retro and really gives me this Jetsons vibe. Hahah! They’re supposed to be from BnL, that company that produces the WALL-E robots and others.

And then there’s the BnL website itself. It’s hilarious in the way it spoofs corporate retail websites. Take the disclaimer for instance

Any information that is submitted to Buy n Large via its website or other online properties becomes the sole property of the Buy n Large corporation and may be used in any way the Buy n Large corporation deems advantageous. This includes, but is not limited to, selling and leasing customer information. By visiting the Buy n Large web site you instantaneously relinquish all claims against the Buy n Large corporation and any of its vendors or and or strategic partners. Opt-out requests may be ignored as we do not send this site or any communications to anyone.


Or the article in their News section about the Xanadou Shopping Pill: … the much-heralded Xanadou pill, which BnL claims simulates the “euphoric shopping experience.” The pill […] is said to simulate the feeling a shopper gets after buying a particularly coveted item.

Simulated shopping euphoria? ROFL. (But apparently it only works when you’re shopping.)

And WALL-E isn’t their only product, of course. There’s also the NANC-E, the WEND-E, SALL-E and GAR-E. =)) Here’s a screenshot of the SALL-E page, if you’re too lazy to go check it out. But I highly recommend checking out the whole website. Just too amusing… :D


  1. Yeah, just few days ago I was asking you what movies to look out for. Haha. Thanks for the info. :D

  2. how about that Golden Compass movie? Saw the trailer at one of those tech shops at Giant Hypermarket Kelana Jaya. It seems like a LOTR/Narnia genre kinda show.

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