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What’s with the Facebook craze recently? Over the last three weeks I’ve had at least four different people asking me if I was on Facebook. This is remarkable when you consider that before this, no one so much as mentioned Facebook to me. I haven’t succumbed to the Facebook craze yet. The contrary side of me has decided to ignore it. Why follow the crowd? :P If I do join Facebook, it’ll probably be long after the craze has died down – or if someone’s paying me to join it. Muahahah.

And anyway, my Friendster account is languishing away as it is. I’ve never really been into the whole Friendster-type of thing. I check it occasionally or when I’m bored, but I don’t really bother about it in general. So what makes you think I’d bother with Facebook? I hear it’s rather addictive with all the little features, but in that case, I’d rather not get addicted to anything else at the moment. I’ve other, more interesting things to amuse myself with. :D

But just because I’m not into Facebook doesn’t mean I don’t know about it. And it certainly didn’t stop me from laughing at this parody (I have a feeling I know the original song, but can’t remember what it’s called):

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It’s funny and it sounds so soothingly melodious. Those guys can sing…

My favourite part goes:
I can then poke you
You can poke me too
Anytime night or da-aay
Only trouble is
I’m wasting my liife awaaaaaayyyyy…


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  1. Song is “All I have to do is dream” by Everly Brothers :-p

    hehe, nicely done parody

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