Art Dump 3


Apparently one way of getting rid of art block is to complain about it, since after that last blog post I suddenly coughed out several random – or not-so-random, maybe? – scribbles over the course of 24 hours. Not great stuff, but they’ll do.

looking at the moon
Looking at the Moon” – is what I think I’ll call this.


blue scarf
Blue Scarf.”
Note to self: Only use those Derwent pencils on textured paper. You lose some of the effect when using waxy pencils on smooth paper. Keep to the old Staedtler or Faber-Castells for smooth paper.


black and white
Black Dress, White Shawl.” (I’m unimaginative when it comes to titles.)
That dress… wasn’t supposed to be all black. I just messed up and since real ink can’t be erased like digital ink, I had to cover it up by making everything from her shoulders down just flat black. Doesn’t look that bad in a way though.


Somehow, the sheer blankness or emptiness is emphasised by the lack of colour. So I left it as it is.


Got anything to add or say? :D