Symphony of Hearts II


This was a charity concert my dad and sister helped to organise and I basically spent the entire night wandering around as I pleased, camera(s) as my “VIP” pass. haha (Well, the fact that all the ushers – friends of my parents – knew me helped too. )

And I think this was the most I’ve ever used the Nikon D90 my family has. Hardly ever touched it before. I usually prefer my own almost-DSLR camera, which is lighter. But of course, proper DSLRs have their benefits. Most of the photos here will be from the DSLR, but pics from my regular cam make appearances too here and there.

programme books
The programmes for the concert sitting on the table, waiting for distribution. That cover came out looking a lot more purple than blue. I wonder why.



hair and make-up
Hair and make-up were sponsored by APT, and this is Athena Beh being attended to. She’s quite a well-known singer in the Mandarin-speaking circles, it seems…

I… love this picture. That’s Ming’s friend, Hafiz, who came all the way from KL to help out and be stage manager. He was walking past the Christmas lights on the wall of the stage and I inadvertently got a panning shot, which utterly delighted me.

Pretty lamp!


The MC, William.

William attempted to deliver a segment in Hokkien (introducing Loo Yise). It was quite funny. hahah


light trail 1
And then at some point, I decided it would be fun to play with the shutter speed and get some light trails out of the different coloured spotlights.

light trail 2
Light trails~


gurmit getting make-up
The big surprise guest star of the night in the stylist’s chair. I like the juxtaposition of the motion blur of the busy stylist and the subject sitting so still. Hmm, this may be one of my favourite photos of the night too, alongside the earlier one of Hafiz and the lights.


The corridor connecting the… er… balcony floor? E&O’s ballroom has an upper level, which looks down onto the central area, and you can walk all around it. Right underneath this corridor would have been the back of the stage, I think. *convoluted explanation*

Yan making faces at me from down below. hahah

light trail 3
Colourful lights!

stage hands
Stage crew looking at… something.

girls watching
Two little girls – daughters of some of the performers, I think – watching the show from the upper level.

fran   harvest centre girls
Francissca Peter and the girls from Harvest Centre performing a song.


william phua
The MC, William, dressed up in trademark PCK yellow boots and a hard hat. In his left hand is a cameraphone. “You tie a phone together with a camera and you get a phone camera!”

gurmit and william
PCK Gurmit Singh meets the impostor. haha

Oh, he was definitely the crowd favourite. The applause and the cheers when he walked out… I felt a little bit sorry for all the other performers because the difference in response was vast. That said, I too was most keen on seeing him perform. It’s Gurmit Singh! Phua Chu Kang! C’mon.

I just wish I could’ve heard more anecdotes from his life and work. The little bits he talked about in the car from the airport to E&O Hotel were so interesting and humorous!

“Wait, wait! Must pose first [before singing].”


stars watching the big star
Athena Beh, Loo Yise and others looking on from the upper level as Gurmit Singh was performing. My regular camera did better for these shots because the zoom was longer and could go in closer. Grainy, but better than nothing.

He was just so funny… and could sing quite well too.

all the stars
All the performers together (minus the Synergy choir): (L-R), Gurmit Singh, Francissca Peter, Loo Yise, Athena Beh, Juwita Suwito, T4c, and Synergy choir’s conductor… with William walking in the front.

autograph session
Autograph session at the end. There was a looong line of people waiting to get autographs and to take photos with Gurmit. Again, one has to feel slightly sorry for the other performers. Some people did take pictures with the others too, but practically everyone took a picture with Gurmit Singh.

(I had a picture with him too, earlier on. But to my dismay, the photo looked rather awful because he had his stage make-up on and it looked terribly unnatural and white in the glare of the camera flash. Was too paiseh to ask for another picture – though we couldn’t have done anything about his make-up or the lighting at that point, I suppose. ;_; )

I didn’t put up any pictures of the other performers because… the photos weren’t that great? The ones of Gurmit weren’t fantastic either but I just had to put some up simply because it’s PCK. haha



  1. Hah! I need to collect my Juwita photo from you and my Gurmit photo from Crawford! :P

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