Do They?

Or maybe it’s like Halloweentown and Christmastown in Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, where they spend 364 days preparing for the day. :D

(Yes, I know it’s still kinda early for Christmas, but I don’t care. Hahahahaha)

2 thoughts to “Do They?”

  1. I think we Malaysians celebrate Christmas rather late. Apparently in other countries, I heard that departmental stores start to sell Christmas stuff a few months ahead of Christmas. So actually… it’s alright feeling all Christmas-y.

    About the angels decoration, I can imagine them hanging up ornaments of beautiful gems around heaven, which is all gold. Ahh….

  2. translator, talk bout difference. i already celebrating cny on my head. bleh. and i thought christmas was last month. *omg my brainnnnnnnn is polluted*

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