Cuddly Birdie


I was going to write a nice, “normal” blog post about my life at the moment, but then I lost the mood for it. :P So here’s another Christmas picture.

Red-breasted Robin

A fat, cuddly robin is one of those images I practically always associate with Christmas. Like angels, stables, stars, snowmen, bells…

 Random points about my life:

  • Finished most of my Christmas shopping with Anna after work today. *relief* Now I just have to think about making Christmas cards. 
  • Yay! Fran’s home! And Vin might be coming back too…? :D
  • I hope Mari and Risa come back from their little holiday to Singapore and Bangkok before Christmas. Would be nice to have them around (aaaand I’ll have someone to talk to about J-dramas =P )
  • The last time I dropped by Tower Records in Gurney, I found it very peculiar that there were albums/singles of V6 and Tackey & Tsubasa, but no Arashi. Strange.
  • Office feels like an ice box, thanks to the newly-repaired-so-now-must-test-at-full-blast air conditioning system. I need gloves to stop my fingers from freezing…


  1. my “life post” was still on my save file and i plan to delete it already before posting. haha.

  2. owh forget to say “nice bardo”

  3. LOL. Aiba-fied snowwie. XD

Got anything to add or say? :D