It’s 2008!

明けましておめえっとう!うわ~ 2007もう終わりだな。。。

Well… Here we are then. A new year. I didn’t get around to doing a nice 2007 recap due to lack of time, so I think I’ll just do a quick one now.

What I’ll probably remember most about 2007?

It’s the year I graduated! (As did Josh, Jia, Goon and Khay Soon and Timothy…)

Of course, that means it’s also the year I started working and earning my own money.

Didn’t you see that answer coming? :))

(I want to visit Disneyland and Hollywood again! I wanna go to Japan too! :P )

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE. God bless you all! =)

Got anything to add or say? :D