Link Collection #1


This week is turning out to be so much “fun.” Thus, a light blog post.

Just random links I’ve run into lately that are fun/cool. (Hopefully you agree with me. heh) Oh, and if the font and spacing of my blog posts looks different, it’s just that I’ve decided to make the font larger. It’s a bit silly of me to have kept such a small font size when I tend to write long posts. Not good for readability. Hopefully it’s better now. ^^


Yann Le Bec made a series of 26 cartoony faces… that are a hidden alphabet. Pret-ty cool.
yann le bec


Choi Min-Kyu from the Royal College of Art impressed everyone at the graduate show with his compact three-pin plug:

Choi’s plug is just 10mm wide when it is folded. To unfold it, the two live pins swivel 90 degrees, and the plastic surround folds back around the pins so the face of the plug looks the same as a standard UK plug. The idea produced a spin off, too. Choi created a multi-plug adaptor, a compact standard plug sized unit with space for three folded plugs to slot in, as well as one that charges USB devices.

Why did no one think of this before??



Try this game: Z-type (you might need to try it in Google Chrome, if Firefox doesn’t work out)

It’s a typing/shoot-’em-up kind of game. Rather fun. :)

When I tried it this morning, I got up to level 38 or 39 or something, with a score of 7634 and an accuracy rate of 95.8%. Tried again a few minutes ago and this time managed to reach level 42 (or was it 43? Hmm, hard to recall) and my score was 9051, with an accuracy rate of 96.4%. Improvement!



Hmm what else was there? Oh, yes!

Live-action reference footage for the tea party scene in Alice in Wonderland. Ed Wynn is so… animated. hahaha (If he looks and sounds familiar but you can’t remember where you’ve seen him – it’s probably in Mary Poppins. He was that uncle of hers with the floating table and chairs.)



Got anything to add or say? :D