Amusing Conversation Snippet of the Weekend

Was talking to a couple, Jin and May Ling, at Joanne’s wedding dinner. I’d met them once years ago when I went to visit the Gamebrains studio in the Petronas Twin Towers with Jia Wern. They didn’t remember me, but Jin did recall Jia Wern’s visit to Gamebrains so that got the conversation going. Jin was also classmates with my FA tutors so that was a good starting point too.

Jin, after learning I’m now teaching design: So do you prefer design or film?

Me: I think I do better at design, but I really like film. I finished my Master’s in film studies last year.

Jin: Oh, really? Wow… What’s your favourite film?

Me: Uhm, well, in terms of a film that I really enjoy and that has had an impact on me… I’d say Star Wars.

Jin: Really?? I like you!


Yeah, as he put it, most film people would give answers like Citizen Kane or some “obscure, avant-garde French film.”

(May Ling’s also from Penang and also likes Star Wars, which made Jin conclude that there must be something about Penang girls and Star Wars. haha)


I will get around to posting a few photos from the busy, busy weekend sometime. Don’t have many pics though, because I was too busy to be snapping pictures. (Sad…)



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