Conversation Snippets

A couple of amusing bits from the weekend.

When waiting for the flight to KL on Saturday, I talked to an American guy for a bit. He asked if he was standing in the correct queue and we exchanged a few remarks. Then he said, “Your English is really good. You must’ve spent some time in America.”

“Hahah! No, I haven’t. Well, I’ve been there, but that was long ago and just for a holiday.”

“Really? Wow.”


But almost as though God decided to keep me humble, a few minutes later, that same guy took out his phone, made a call and started speaking in perfectly fluent Mandarin. :| *feels small*
(He’s based in China, his family’s there, and he’s been in Asia for more than ten years. No wonder.)


At Jason’s wedding dinner later that same day, there was a slideshow full of photos of Jase and Joanne at various places that they’d visited (including Loch Ness and Edinburgh! *has nostalgic feelings* ). Midway, Chee Yong said, “Wah, people in Europe can really take good photos. You see – all their photos come out so nice wan!”

I had to laugh. “No lah. They used a tripod!”

The others didn’t really believe me until I said I know because I was with them when they went to Loch Ness and they were carting around a tripod with which to take photos of themselves.

“Cheh!” said Chee Yong. “No wonder la the angles so nice and all. I thought so hebat random people on the street also can take such nice photos [for them]!”


Got anything to add or say? :D