Sad Faces and Spelling Errors

This term I seem to have quite a number of er, amusing bits in my students’ final exams and assignments…

One student was obviously at a loss in the exam and resorted to drawing sad (un)smiley faces in place of an actual answer. Kid, you have my sympathy, but no marks, sorry.


There were lots of spelling errors in the exam, like “over-the-showder” instead of “over-the-shoulder”, or “responsive” for “responsible.”

A couple of other glaring (but funny) errors were the acronym “V.O” being explained as “voice is over” (instead of “voiceover”) and a commercial being defined as “a objective oriented pain for profit organization.” hahaha

The best, of course, was the one who described the director and art director’s roles thus:

Director – person who overlooks the whole film and give direction

Art director – person who overlooks the whole set up and design of the film

If this wasn’t the final exam and if I still had lessons with them, I would probably have to make it a point to tell them that “overlook” ≠ “oversee”


Another class had to submit a poster design and a simple package design for an imaginary product as their final project for the sem, and one gave me a poster and package for a sort of three-in-one cosmetics product. So in one box there was supposed to be makeup for lips, eyes… and creeks.




Got anything to add or say? :D