A Walking, Talking, Dancing Candelabra

Yes, I’m still floating somewhere in Beauty & the Beast land. And I’m now quite delighted with this picture because it’s one of those very rare pictures that I’ve done directly on the computer that turned out as I wanted it to – even with a graphic tablet, drawing on the computer isn’t that easy. Also, it turned out well considering that I was referencing a picture where the pose was completely different. (See here.) Well, the picture’s not perfect, but I’m still happy with it.


Don’t know if anyone’s really interested, but here’s a step-by-step of my process. :)

I actually had a small dilemma about the background tint – couldn’t decide between a pinkish or greenish tint and had to ask Lianne for her opinion. In the end I went with the pinkish one. But since she said, “Put both up,” here’s the greenish-tinted one, which I like as well as it makes Lumiere stand out from the background, but the pink tint seemed to make it feel fuller and grander.

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