Little Lost Penguin

The news about the escaped penguin in Tokyo just amuses me. Headlines like “Tokyo Search for Young Penguin Escapee” (BBC) and “Tokyo aquarium’s penguin still at large, touring rivers” (Japan Times) are so funny.

I was chatting with Day about it…

me (y): this headline is amusing “Tokyo aquarium’s penguin still at large, touring rivers”  *imagines penguin with a touristy hat and sunglasses on, holding a camera*
Day (d): haha!  livin’ it up big time
y : Mission Impossible music plays in the background as penguin sneaks around a corner, hiding from pursuing humans
d: secret agent!
y: on what mission?
d: mission fun holiday?
y: sounds like a good mission. hahah
Mission: Impossible 5 – Penguin Escape
d: brad bird would be an appropriate director somehow

And then I ended up writing another (semi-)nonsensical poem.

Little lost penguin down by the sea,
Getting a taste of the wild and the free.
It took a bag made from a single white sock
And put in a bottle of penguin sun-block,
Sunglasses, a hat and two changes of clothes
(For one never knows when one might need those),
And a camera too, just right for penguin-size flippers
And a pair of small bright yellow Japanese slippers.
(Why? I don’t know. You’ll just have to ask it
But be careful there, or you might just get bit)
It wanted a boat but none could be found,
Still, it ran off with nary a sound.
Swam out to the bay to explore on its own
The sea and the fish, the sword and the stone.
There were waves all around, salty breeze in the air,
The penguin was happy; it had not a care.
It paddled and splashed, and it dived after fish,
It picked up a shell to make a nice soap dish.
Then suddenly it saw a boat coming out
And knew all at once what they were about.
It donned its sunglasses, was off like a rocket –
Speeding away like an extra-large bullet.
Straight to the river the penguin did go,
Along the way dodging an annoying old crow.
Once at the river, it looked carefully round,
Just to make sure it wouldn’t be found.
It scrambled up on the sand, on the bank of the river
And had there for lunch some nice fresh fish liver.
After eating, the penguin put on the clothes and the hat
(All the while watched by a sleepy wharf rat)
For it had decided to take a nice stroll;
It really was enjoying itself on the whole.
“Born to be free!” it said, slinging the bag on its back
(The sock now looked like a soggy brown sack).
So along the river our penguin friend walked –
An old lady saw it; she was really quite shocked.
It took out its camera and got a few shots
Of some remarkably charming picturesque spots.
Then across the river, there was a large fuss,
As several humans came out of a bus.
They carried binoculars, and some bait and a net
And a new-fangled high-tech transmitter radio set.
“They’ve come for me! It’s time to run!
(Oh gosh, oh my, this is rather fun.)”
With a giggle of glee, it jumped into the water
Nearly landing on top of a poor passing otter
Who wasn’t too happy at such a close call
Especially when it was wearing a pretty new shawl.

Little lost penguin, not down by the sea
And not really lost as I’m sure you can see,
Led the humans a dance up the river and down,
Truly it would be a bird of renown.
Other penguins will tell their babies some day
Of the brave little penguin who escaped to the bay
And who couldn’t be caught – oh no, not he!
For that penguin, that one, was surely born free.

Not quite as zany as the bunny poem (but then I don’t think I could maintain that level of nuttiness all the time. haha)

Got anything to add or say? :D