Y is for Yacht


Upon the shelf there is a yacht
A bright toy boat in yellow.
Next to the yacht is a flower pot
And a miniature cello.
Right above them hangs a star –
A star with bright red wings.
The star, yacht, pot and cello are
Bunny’s favourite playthings.
Out of these four Bunny loves the best
The little yellow yacht.
It found the yacht hidden in a chest
Left on the beach to rot.
Bunny liked to take it to the river
On a sunny summer’s day
And watch it float, its sail a-quiver,
Down the forest waterway.


I’m so thankful this is almost over. Rhyming is tiring. haha.

And I need to write my Avengers review. I ♥ Steve Rogers!


Got anything to add or say? :D