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These Asian brands have such amusing translations for their product names. The one above was seen at Etude House. I didn’t notice it initially but Ee Laine pointed it out. Good thing she did. :P

Daiso also provides quite a few samples of interesting English product names and such.

I think they mean “cheerleader”? hahah

Apparently a clover mark is a “physically handicapped person mark”, which is “an article for the handicapped person.” Unfortunately the last word in the second sentence at the top is hidden by light reflection on the plastic but even the incomplete line is so… funny. “The morals of the physically unimpaired person as for a certain ___.” (Certain use? Maybe.)

A string telephone. Very literal. hahah

As Cy said of this: that’s a lot of instructions for something so simple. lol

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  1. Haha! Someone should make up Youtube mashup of these, with a “wacky” narrator reading them out loud (and with this music, of course).

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